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Analysis & Consulting

7. December 2022

Analysis & Consulting

Setting standards: with knowledge, experience and curiosity

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Planning together

Whether plant optimization or customized new planning: at FILCOM, customer benefit from the consulting and analysis expertise of a well-positioned team for products from the largest compressed air system supplier for compressors and blowers – KAESER Kompressoren SE. With analysis methods in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1101 and an experienced and trained feel for the requirements of a wide range of industries, the FILCOM team offers its customers future-proof solutions, precisely in line with required demand, which save money and are also good for the environment.

Five steps

To your new compressed air future!

The team of FILCOM GmbH will plan a customized compressed air station according to your requirements and wished. The focus is on maximum compressed air availability and a reduction in electricity costs, with the aim of relieving the environment through CO2 savings.

Possible weak points your system could be delected by specially developed procedures with the scope of a compressed air consumption measurement (ADA) from KAESER. Together with you, we will then develop your personal concept that will bring the desired success. Using the KAESER KESS planning system, several system variants can be determined with the aim of offering the customer a tailor-made solution with maximum efficiency.


We understand your requirements

Your new compressed air station must be individual as your requirements as an operator. That is why we listen and look very closely and ask the right questions. Our diverse industry knowledge help us to do this – whether you manufacture jewelry or semiconductors, operate a cement plant, a car factory or a brewery. Together with you, we record all necessary production parameters and general conditions.


Analysis of compressed air utilization

The analysis is the heart of the matter. Here, we use suitable measurement technology that is demand-oriented, customer-specific and independent of manufacturers, depending only on the application. Sometimes the combination of different measurement systems make the difference to success. In most cases it is necessary to record several sensors simultaneously and evaluate them later. In this way we determine weak points and uncover and exploited potential, which we then present to you in a discussion.


The evaluation of the obtained data

For this purpose, we rely on state-of-the-art evaluation software to ensure high quality data. In order to obtain an economical solution that works close to the optimum under all conditions, several concepts have to be compared. The gradations between several compressors have to be considered exactly, as well as the entire subsequent processing. The pressure losses up to the last consumer are significantly relevant.


The individual compressed air station

Based on our evaluation, the FILCOM team will show you a way to significantly increase the efficiency of your compressed air station and maintain it for the future. You will profit in the long run by savings, which can only be achieved by a system approach. Networking the individual KAESER compresssors through a KAESER compressor management system ensures transparency in electricity and compressed air costs. The KAESER control system actively provides an energy report and thus important data for your energy management.


Commissioning and maintenance

Once commissioning has been completed, we take over the maintenance of your KAESER system and ensure a highly efficient compressed air station throughout its entire service life. With our comprehensive stock of spare parts and rental machinery in combination with our emergency service, short response times are guaranteed.

Good planning is the best prerequisite

… for long-term cost efficiency!

Choosing a suitable supplier or partner is a very difficult task, not only because of the high investment costs and long-term follow-up costs of compressed air supply.

Compressed air as an energy source has become an indispensable part of modern manufacturing processes. The FILCOM team therefore supports you in the selection and project planning of your compressed air system on the basis of economical generation and high availability.

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