Automotive industry

KAESER compressed air solutions guarantee maximum energy efficiency under the most stringent conditions.

KAESER compressed air offers solutions not only for today but also for the future

Hardly any other industry is more competitive worldwide than the automotive industry. Production processes are often challenging and require a high amount of energy and water. They depend on compressed air and generate larger amounts of waste.

High-quality vehicles are manufactured in a wide variety of processes based on high-quality equipment. Starting with the production of individual components and assemblies, through the manufacture of complete vehicles, to maintenance and repair in automotive workshops. Satisfactory and qualitative results can only be achieved if compressed air is available in sufficient, reliable quantities.

If compressed air is contaminated, this can lead to expensive production downtime, which means labor-intensive rework and the loss of capacity in production.

Together with KAESER Compressors, FILCOM offers individual planning and design of compressed air preparation for a wide range of compressed air station applications. After all, consistent compressed air quality is the basis for reliable performance at low cost.


Where is compressed air used?

Typical applications for compressed air in the automotive industry include:

  • Ambient air: Clean air for employees to breathe is the be-all and end-all of daily work in the plant. No problem thanks to compressed air-driven filtration of the air.
  • Compressed air tools: can be operated comfortably and easily in contrast to electrically powered tools.
  • Robots with compressed air
  • Filling tires
  • Painting: Paint on body parts and complete vehicles is applied and atomized by means of compressed air
  • Plasma cutting – and welding: compressed air guarantees a uniformly constant and reliable speed of the cutting and laser systems
  • Paint shops: paint pumps are operated with compressed air in unstable working conditions

KAESER oil-free compressors from KAESER Kompressoren SE meet the stringent requirements and regulations in the automotive industry. An efficient and reliable supply of high-quality compressed air is thus guaranteed.


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