Chemical industry

Efficient and completely oil-free compressed air generation

So that incalculable risks do not arise in the first place

High-quality, oil-free and reliable compressed air is the challenge for applications in the chemical industry. Critical manufacturing processes often involve toxic, corrosive and unstable products that come into direct contact with compressed air. Costly production downtime and rejects can only be eliminated if reliably clean compressed air is available. KAESER Compressors provides producers of high-value chemicals and products with compressed air treatment equipment that prevents incalculable risks from arising in the manufacturing process in the first place.


Where is compressed air used?

In the chemical industry, compressed air is used in the following applications:

  • Drying of products: Drying processes are accelerated by mixing air with products.
  • Nitrogen generation: A membrane filters air to generate nitrogen for a wide range of chemical applications.
  • Conveying: Liquid pumping systems are operated by compressed air to avoid the risk of explosion.
  • Process air: Compressed air is in direct contact with the products during cleaning, aeration and conveying.
  • Air curtains: To ensure clean and safe areas.
  • Cylinders and control valves: Production equipment is controlled by means of compressed air

KAESER Compressors offers an extensive product portfolio of oil-free compressors that ensure an efficient and reliable supply of compressed air when used in the chemical industry.


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