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Compressed air treatment in the chemical industry

Schill+Seilacher GmbH is a medium-sized company with a long tradition in the chemical industry. Founded in 1877, the company specializes in the production of industrial process additives. The Böblingen plant and development laboratories focus mainly on chemical agents that simplify both the production and further processing of technical textiles, chemical fibers, cosmetics, cleaners for industry and cosmetics, and leather and paper. For example, insulating mats in the engine compartment of cars are treated with flame retardants from Schill+Seilacher. Surfactants that provide more foam are found in shower gels.

With six independent production sites and around 900 employees worldwide, Schill+Seilacher is one of the most successful companies in its sector.


A tailor-made compressed air station, exactly suitable for the respective application? This is standard at FILCOM, but still not a matter of course for many. The technical and economic performance of a new compressed air station must be clearly designed and calculated right from the start. This is the only way to ensure that it will meet all expectations in practice. After all, for applications in the chemical industry, high-quality, oil-free and reliable compressed air is an enormous challenge. Critical manufacturing processes often involve toxic, corrosive and unstable products that come into direct contact with compressed air. Cost-intensive production downtimes and rejects can only be ruled out if reliably clean compressed air is available.

Solution statement

  • The old piston compressors, which were in use at Schill+Seilacher until 2007, had reached the end of their service life.
  • Urgent action in terms of energy efficiency and reliability was required for the plant’s compressed air supply.
  • As the company was looking for the technically best and most economical solution, Schill+Seilacher contacted FILCOM GmbH.
  • FILCOM GmbH’s proposals regarding investment, operating and maintenance costs as well as reliability were reviewed and evaluated by the customer. The KAESER systems convinced Schill+Seilacher.
  • Thanks to the high efficiency of the Super Premium Efficiency motors, the new compressors are highly energy-efficient.
  • Stable pressure dew points are ensured thanks to the use of KAESER’s industrial-grade SECOTEC refrigeration dryers.

Customer value

  • FILCOM’s setup includes 2 KAESER screw compressors model ASD-2, 3 energy-saving refrigerant dryers, various filters and 2 compressed air receivers.
  • Given the required compressed air demand, compressed air quality and reliability of the equipment, the choice of the KASESER ASD series screw compressors in combination with the energy-saving refrigerant dryers proved to be the most reliable and economical solution.
  • The KAESER SIGMA CONTROL 2 control unit, which is integrated on the screw compressor at Schill+Seilacher, coordinates compressed air generation and consumption.
  • This intelligent control, which is based on an industrial computer, can prevent uneconomical use of energy, especially in the partial load range. The control unit is linked to interchangeable input and output modules.
  • In realizing the concept, Schill+Seilacher decided to use KAESER screw compressors to prevent unplanned production downtime, which is ultimately an expensive affair.
  • Process continuity is the focus and is extremely important.


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