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Contracting compressed air station from KAESER for the Industry 4.0 era

Wer kennt sie nicht? Die Produkte Erdal und Frosch. Diese chemischen Produkte werden in einem innovativen Unternehmen hergestellt, welches über ein hochmodernes Druckluftsystem verfügt, das heute bereits für eine digitale Vernetzung im Sinne von Industrie 4.0 gerüstet ist.

Industry 4.0 – the networking of machines and IT, resulting in benefits for both the customer and the producer. In the case of compressed air supply, this means an overall concept for highly efficient compressed air production. It networks all elements, from planning to execution to predictive maintenance, and controls them so intelligently that the individually required compressed air performance and quality is automatically created, while at the same time ensuring the highest availability and efficiency as well as the lowest life cycle costs.


For the customer of KAESER Kompressoren SE, an environmentally friendly approach to business and sustainability is a company tradition. The renewal of the entire compressed air system was not only about replacing the previously very different and outdated components, but also about realising significant cost savings. KAESER Kompressoren SE was able to offer the customer a contracting concept.

With this concept, the compressed air station itself remains the property of the manufacturing company and the customer only pays for the compressed air actually purchased. Another requirement of the customer was the compatibility of the system with Industry 4.0.

Solution statement

  • Carrying out an overall analysis taking into account all relevant products, e.g. operational safety, energy savings, connection to the production and energy management system
  • Carrying out a compressed air audit, as the existing plant was not equipped with any sensor technology
  • Carrying out a 14-day compressed air audit to analyse existing consumption patterns but also weak points of the old system
  • Visualisation of the behaviour of the compressors, air consumption, pressures and also problems in compressed air preparation by means of computer-aided software for optimisation proposals

Customer value

  • Contracting variant offers the advantage that the costs incurred for compressed air become variable costs
  • Individual KAESER compressors are already equipped with industrial PCs in order to forward the data to a higher-level control system such as KAESER Sigma Air Manager (SAM).
  • Compressed air management system is the interface via which all the data of the compressed air station are transmitted, e.g. consumption behaviour, efficiency of the entire system and connected peripheral devices.
  • If necessary, the system can pass on data to a control system already in place at the operator’s premises.
  • Sigma Network for additional safety and optimum monitoring and efficient control of the compressed air station as well as use in the sense of Industry 4.0


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