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More efficient work with compressed air contracting

Contracting – an innovative and price-conscious compressed air concept. A well-known customer in the chemical sector developts and markets a high-quality range of innovative paints and coatings. Compressed air is indispensable in chemical plants not only for safety reasons. It also provides a reliable and efficient basis for the production process. Large paddle mixers are driven by compressed air in production. Reusable returnable containers are cleaned by compressed air. In the waste incinceration plant, compressed air is responsible for the necessary oxygen supply. It also sets automatic packaging machines in motion.


The particular challenge for KAESER Kompressoren SE in this application was to achieve the optimum balance supply reliability and energy efficiency. A contractual maximum installed delivery volume of 13,305 Nm³/h was agreed for the customer, but a fixed purchase price was only agreed for 30 million Nm³/year. The compressed air quantities consumed in excess of this are to be billed via a consumption-dependent additionl purchase price.

KAESER Kompressoren will share in the financial energy cost savings if the specific energy efficiency of the compressed air generator and treatment components is better than the value specified in the contracting agreement.

Solution statement

  • The customer opted for KAESER compressed air contracting with the KAESER Sigma Air Utility model
  • With contracting, only the compressed air is purchased – nothing else
  • Instead of a complex mixed calculation, there is a calculable, long-term fixed and therefore reliable fixed price.
  • This gives the customer greater cost transparency.
  • Precise measurement procedures guarantee that the amount of compressed air is calculated and actually purchased.

Customer value

  • Financial relief for the customer and thus release of capacities which are now freely available for the core competence in the company.
  • Conversion of fixed costs into variable costs that can be directly claimed as operating expenses for tax purposes.
  • Energy management and contracting pay off for the company: an anual saving aroud EUR 30,000 has been documented.


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