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Coffee as an elixir of life

With milk and sugar … or perhaps you prefer small, black and strong? Whether espresso, cappuccino, café au lait or Turkish mocha – coffee has come a long way from the plantation to the cup. Compressed air accompanies this journey, because it is needed everywhere: from the silos for the green coffee, to the roasting plant and the mills, to the packaging plants. Hochland Kaffee is a Stuttgart original and has received many awards for regional top quality, masterful manufacturing tradition and innovative partnership. The Stuttgart coffee manufactory with its own roasting plant has been in existence since 1930. Hochland understands coffee as the elixir of life and enlivens the city center with its aroma and taste in numerous corners.


Hochland Kaffee has always paid a great deal of attention to product quality and the manufacturing process and is therefore always on the lookout for innovations that enable qualitative improvements. In order to meet the internal quality requirements as well as a certification according to the IFS Food Standard, it is necessary to provide compressed air completely free of germs and hydrocarbons within the internal process. During packaging and filling of the coffee, the condition of the product must remain unchanged. Here, there must be no contamination through direct or indirect contact.

Solution statement

  • Together with FILCOM GmbH, various approaches were examined to improve the quality of the compressed air used for the production process, which comes into direct contact with the product.
  • Two installed screw compressors “SM” guarantee Hochland Kaffee constant compressed air
  • Standard-compliant and energy-efficient compressed air treatment ensures compliance with the compressed air quality class accordint to ISO 8573-1.
  • The decision in favor of the SM 11-7.5 screw compressors was bases on their high availability and efficiency. The compact screw compressors not only produce more compressed air with less energy, but also leave nothing to be desired in terms of versatility, ease of operation and maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

Customer value

  • Compressors, dryers and filter systems have been working reliably at Hochland Kaffee for many years. At this compressed air station installed by FILCOM, 2 SM 11-7.5 screw compressors now provide compressed air. The compressed air dryers and filters ensure that the strict food standards are met.
  • The team from Hochland Kaffee found the extensive and constant technical support during the implementation of the project by their colleagues from FILCOM GmbH particularly positive.
  • In the coffee industry, it is generally true that the drink’s edibility depends very much on its being free of residual oil components and germs.


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