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Expansion of a dairy with heat recovery from KAESER

The dairy in the Oldenburg region is a cooperative association and is run exclusively by regional farmers. A dairy through the ages, from traditional to modern. The company has 90 dairy-owned tanker trucks that transport about 1.4 million litres of milk per year. The trend is upward – there is no downward trend in sight. However, this leads to bottlenecks in many places in the dairy. The company has to grow quickly in line with demand.


Due to increasing production, the building complex has to be extended and enlarged. This increases the demand for compressed air for cheese and butter production. The production lines do not stand still. This requires large quantities of control air, which must always be available reliably and in consistently high quality. Special challenges in the dairy, however, are the strict hygiene guidelines in food production.

Cheese production also requires a lot of hot water:

It is used as “curd washing water” in the production of semi-hard cheese to achieve a homogeneous structure. In addition, so-called vapour water – pure water that accumulates during millk concentration – is heated for cleaning purposes.

KAESER can demonstrate its expertise in heat recovery from hot compressor exhaust air here!

Solution statement

  • Compressors, dryers and filter systems are housed in a new, spacious room.
  • KAESER installed a compressed air station here with one “dry runner” each of the DSG 220 and FSG 420 series in combination with TH 451 refrigerant dryers series for compressed air.
  • The compressed air dryers and filters ensure that the strict food standards are met.
  • The heat recover system for the vapour and quarry wash water is running at full speed.

Customer value

  • Customer is very satisfied with the performance and energy efficiency of the new compresed air system
  • The decisive criterion for the executing of this project was the qualifcation of KAESER and its competence.
  • KAESER Kompressoren impressed here as a local company with machines “made in Germany”.


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