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Manufacturers of machine tools and plants deal with a wide variety of automation technologies on a daily basis. This also includes the filtration of compressed air, cooling lubricants or other liquids that need to be additionally controlled and cooled. Flexibility, technological development and customer orientation form the basis for the most diverse applications of machine tools.

Manufacturing costs can only be kept low in the machine tool industry if production processes run reliably and constantly. An additional focus is on energy efficiency and CO2 balance. It is therefore necessary to adapt the compressed air to the respective application in the best possible way and not to disregard the ambient conditions of the compressed air station.


Where is compressed air used?

In the machine tool industry, compressed air is used in the following applications:

  • Surface treatment: blasting medium is applied by means of compressed air; varnishes and paints are atomized onto surfaces by means of compressed air
  • Sealing air / inert gas: Machines and devices are often sealed by means of compressed air without coming into contact with the product. Cavities can be compressed with compressed air without any problems. Sensitive components and parts in mechanical engineering must be protected from dust, dirt and moisture on the surface by so-called air curtains. Seals and leakages are tested by compressed air.
  • Cooling and heating air: By using a vortex tube, compressed air cools and heats by splitting gases into hot and cold air streams by means of rotation. In metal cutting, compressed air is used to cool the drilling and turning machines. This means that no further coolant supply is required.
  • Drive energy: When compressed air is used as drive energy, no special compressed air quality is required. Thus, only the use of a refrigeration dryer and filter is sufficient. Compressed air is also used for cleaning workplaces, machines and systems. Here, fast and strongly flowing air is created by the expansion by means of a special nozzle in order to be able to easily remove liquids or dirt particles.

KAESER Compressors offers a wide product portfolio for the use of compressed air in the machine tool industry with the aim of avoiding machine downtime, reducing production and energy costs and increasing the service life of equipment.


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