Packing industry

Rolled and wrapped with compressed air.

Oil-free compressed air forms the basis for innovative packaging

How and where compressed air is needed in the packaging industry is actually quite simple to answer. In all conceivable processes, 24 hours around the clock. If compressed air were not available in sufficient quantity and quality, production would not be possible. In the production of packaging, grippers, cylinders or hand tools are used that are pneumatically operated with compressed air.


The demand on the quality of compressed air is high

Compressed air is the number one energy source in the packaging and beverage industry. To meet the high demands of this industry, the quality of the compressed air must be right. Here, it is not only a question of whether the control air comes into contact with the product or the packaging. Contamination with oil, dirt particles or water also pose a risk to the compressed air. The result is a drop in pressure, which under certain circumstances can lead to the failure and standstill of the entire production.

KAESER Compressors’ systems guarantee consistent compressed air quality through efficient treatment. This ensures safety in the production of beverages and packaging, and production and control processes can be significantly optimized.


Compressed air – an important energy source

Did you know that next to electrical energy, compressed air is the second most important energy source in industry and trade? However, the cost aspect must not be neglected here. Approximately 1.5 billion euros per year are required throughout Germany for compressed air in manufacturing. The energy required to process compressed air accounts for up to 80 % of the total costs. Thanks to efficient KAESER equipment and systems, up to 33 % of these costs can be saved.


Compressed air can only be used economically if the following points are taken into account:

  • Optimally adapt components to daily needs
  • Match system components to each other in a targeted manner
  • Maintain your systems regularly

Avoid energy and cost peaks

If the quality of your compressed air is poor, high costs in the production process are inevitable, but they can be avoided. The primary objective is to remove moisture and impurities in the compressed air network in order to avoid quality losses and machine malfunctions, which ultimately lead to a complete production stoppage or the unusability of manufactured products.

Existing systems can be optimized quite easily:

  • Avoid leakages
  • Choose the right pressure level
  • Optimize the regulation and control at your plant
  • Correct selection of the compressed air system
  • Use efficient terminal equipment
  • Monitor energy consumption

KAESER Compressors supports you with innovative systems and technologies to make your production process as efficient as possible.


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