Wastewater treatment

Bubbling compressed air.

Wastewater treatment in sewage plants

Industrial compressors are used for wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants. Compressed air is used by low-pressure compressors to aerate the basins in order to treat the wastewater. An optimal air supply ensures the mixing of the water. Bacteria in the water need oxygen to survive and to start the decomposition process. Added compressed air increases the cleaning efficiency. Approximately 70 % of the energy consumed is used to generate compressed air. Energy efficiency is therefore more important than ever in order to keep operating costs as low as possible.


Wastewater treatment in biological clarifiers

Wastewater treatment in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants is carried out by means of blowers. Deaeration of the clarifiers is implemented in a biological treatment stage. Here a biochemical conversion process takes place. The oxygen dissolved in the water is consumed and at the same time oxygen is reintroduced to maintain the degradation process. In this process, agitators are replaced by an aerator, which mixes the water in a less energy-intensive way. However, wastewater treatment plants are not exclusively used to treat wastewater from private households and industries. They also collect leachate from landfills for appropriate treatment.

In rural areas, treatment ponds are used to pre-treat wastewater. Aeration of the wastewater ponds reduces the area required and at the same time improves the purification performance.

Around 70 % of energy must be used to operate the aeration systems of a wastewater treatment plant. Therefore, energy-efficient compressed air is necessary to reduce costs incurred. Cost budgeting is not only a key issue for municipalities. Dairies, breweries or beverage producers that have wastewater treatment plants in operation can also reduce their costs.

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A home for bacteria

Bacteria are at home in clarifiers and make a valuable contribution to purifying wastewater in a natural way. An on-demand supply of compressed air to the aeration basins supports the purification process, because bacteria can only survive if there is sufficient oxygen in the clarification basin. A prerequisite for this is the reliable and low-maintenance use of blowers. Depending on the plant, the inflow of wastewater varies and so does the compressed air requirement. Blower systems with variable air flow requirements adapt to the respective conditions without any problems.

Constant water quality thanks to the use of oil-free blowers

Contamination by oil introduced during basin aeration during wastewater treatment must be prevented at all costs. Therefore, oil-free compressing blowers are used in this process, which exclude contamination of the air with oil during the compression process. KAESER brand blowers are certified according to ISO 8573-1 Class 0.


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