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Compressed air and wood – unsurpassed good

Digitalization and automation have now also arrived in the furniture and wood industry. Networking of machines and automation in production are necessary to increase efficiency in manufacturing. To meet the increasing demands in the woodworking industry, KAESER Compressors offers unbeatable and clever products that meet all the requirements of this industry.

Healthy and clean air is not only necessary for people and animals. It is also a component for daily challenges in the woodworking trade as well as in the wood processing industry. Therefore, surface treatment must be free of moisture, oil residues and other dirt particles in order not to negatively affect the surface quality of the natural raw material.


Woodworking, joinery and compressed air

Without the employee “compressed air” many things in the joinery would not be possible. Therefore, the generation, preparation, distribution as well as the consumption of compressed air must be optimally coordinated. Again and again, there are applications in which piston compressors perform at their best. As portable or mobile unit versions, the systems are used on construction sites or in carpentry shops and support compressed air tools. The single-stage oil-lubricated units make the use of compressed air economical and flexible. Modern units are extremely compact in their dimensions, easy to transport thanks to a low dead weight and available in different variants.


  • Interior work: Floor coverings can be removed with ease using a compressed air lance. KAESER compressors show what they can do for all interior work requiring constant compressed air.

  • Painting: For painting work of all kinds, KAESER compressors can be flexibly and easily taken to construction sites to paint wooden construction elements, for example, without any problems. Flexibility and the right compressed air quality are paramount.

  • Grouting: Speed and precision are essential for silicone work during kitchen installations. To ensure that sufficient air is always available, KAESER compressors are used to supply the required amount of compressed air to close joints precisely and quickly.

  • Air-powered tools such as staplers: Everyone wants to save time and money – and so staplers are suitable for mill-less fastening of foils, nets and fabrics to wood. KAESER Handwerker compressors are reliable companions on the construction site or in joiner’s workshops for flexible and fast operation of air-powered tools.


KAESER compressors offer customers a range of options for using compressed air of industrial quality in this industry.


Compressed air at the heart of the woodworking industry

Wood is an integral part of interior design and a popular material for a wide range of furniture. In the manufacture of furniture, compressed air is indispensable – but it is a very expensive form of energy. Compressed air is used on sanding machines in the industrial production of wooden pieces or molded parts made of wood. Especially in surface treatment, the precious commodity “compressed air” finds its application. Fine chips or dust produced by sanding are blown off by means of compressed air. In machines and systems, valves and cylinders are controlled by compressed air. During the painting process, components could not be cleaned, pretreated or finally painted without compressed air.


  • Surface machining

  • Woodworking with grinding machines

  • Lacquering


The latest generation of KAESER compressors matches the compressed air requirements of this industry. The ideal use of the units avoids idle times and permanent load changes as well as higher compression. Energy and costs can be saved considerably.


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