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Maintenance, Repair & Service

14. October 2022

Maintenance, Repair & Service

Because you can’t afford downtime!

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Time is money

In order to prevent unwanted downtimes in your production, it is necessary to regularly service and maintain compressors and compressed air treatment components. This significantly increases the service life and energy efficiency of plants.

Our service technicians carry out maintenance and repair work on compressors and compressed air treatment components of all types. Compressed air preparation at FILCOM is carried out according to manufacturer specifications and in compliance with VDMA Guideline 15392.

Because qualified service saves time, money and trouble!

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Every customer has his individual challenges and products. The service solutions from FILCOM are as individual as our customer’s requirements. With our comprehensive service & maintenance services, we take this into account and help our customers to get the most out of their equipment.



Maintenance on compressors

In accordance with the respective manufacturer’s specifications, all maintenance-relevant components such as filters or valves are replaced during compressor maintenance. Regular maintenance minimizes failures, reduce energy costs and increases operational reliability.


Maintenance on steam traps

The annual service of steam traps includes a functional check, as well as replacement of wear-relevant parts. This reduces malfunctions and prevents moisture in the compressed air network.


Maintenance on oil-water separators

The condensate produced by the compressor must be treated in accordance with the Water Resources Act § 7a before being discharged into a sewage system. The replacement of the oil-saturated activated carbon filter, the cleaning of the oil-water separator, as well as a functional test are necessary on a regular basis.


Filtration maintenance

By an annual exchange of the existing filter elements a constant compressed air quality is achieved. In addition, an unnecessary increase in energy costs due to increased differential pressure is avoided.


Maintenance on refrigeration dryers

During maintenance of the refrigeration dryer, the condenser is cleaned and a check of the refrigeration circuit is performed in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 517/2014 and Directive 2006/40/EC. This ensures proper functioning of the refrigeration dryer.


Preparatory work recurring inspections

Regular testing of pressure vessels reduces the risk of accidents and increases plant safety. Our service technicians are regularly trained and are qualified to perform acceptance tests on compressed air vessels. We will be happy to organize the complete acceptance process for you, from tank preparation to full acceptance, should your compressed air tank have a higher risk potential.

Preparatory work for periodic inspections of compressed air tanks by an approved inspection body:

  • internal testing: max. 5 years
  • Strength test: max. 10 years

Your advantages


  • No breakdowns: The team of FILCOM GmbH reminds you regularly about upcoming maintenance of your compressed air compressors. You reduce your administrative effort and your reliability is increased.
  • Reduction of costs: Regular maintenance, as well as the replacement of wear parts, can avoid costly and time-consuming repairs.
  • Securing supply: Maintain your compressor and compressed air treatment components on a regular basis. You can thereby avoid expensive downtimes in production.
  • Manageable costs: With fixed and calculable costs for each service, you get planning security for the next few years.

Service and operational safety


Opertional safety has a high priority at FILCOM GmbH. With our FILCOM service concept, we offer our customers a high-quality all-round service. So that worries no longer play role for you.

A sudden machine failure can have immense effects and consequences for your production. High operational reliability is therefore of enormous importance. The team of FILCOM service technicians with qualified specialists, knowledge and experience is available to you at short notice if required. Upon receipt of an emergency call, you will be helped within the shortest possible time.

Our emergency phone: 0175-2229000

We offer service on the following types


  • AGRE
  • Almig
  • Alup
  • Atlas Copco
  • Boge
  • Compair
  • Mark
  • Renner
  • Schneider


  • BEKO
  • Dominik-Hunter
  • Donaldson
  • FST
  • MTA
  • Parker / Zander
  • Wortmann

Do you have any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Here you will find answers to your questions


Equipment should be serviced regularly for the following reaons:

  • Maintenance costs, which are incurred over the life of a plant, are usually significantly lower than the costs incurred when maintenance is saved.
  • Costs for high energy consumption, production losses, purchase costs for new equipment
  • Problems on the subject of safety and labor law
  • Compressor protection
  • Influences such as continous operation, heat, dust and other operating conditions can negatively affect the life cycle time of the compressor and result in production losses, scrap or quality losses or contractual penalties
  • As a customer, you are free to install third-party parts, which may save you money, but also carries risks. Third party parts are not designed for original KAESER Compressor systems and may cause damage and void the warranty.
  • You should keep a close eye on the maintenance intervals of your compressor and order the required service separately. Maintenance work may be delayed if the purchasing process takes significantly more time than expected and result in higher overall costs.
  • In-house technicians cannot replace specialized and qualified service technicians from FILCOM GmbH who have extensive knowledge of KAESER compressors. In-house maintenance may thus take longer and possibly leave detailed technical problems undetected. In addition, the corresponding warranty periods must also be taken into account accordingly.
  • Predictive maintenance immediately provides all the benefits once a maintenance contract is in place.
  • The FILCOM emergency number provides support and assistance around the clock with absolutely reliable security.
  • Due to the professional handling of the ordering process for required parts, you are always on the safe side at FILCOM.
  • Required components and resources are scheduled in advance so that you can fully concentrate on your daily business.

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