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There is hardly any industry that could do without compressed air. From wood and metal processing, to the food industry, to the automotive industry and vehicle repair shops. For more than 20 years, as an official dealer of KAESER Kompressoren SE, we have been offering our customers in industry, trade and commerce the basis for economical work through optimal compressed air availability, energy efficiency and reliability of our compressed air systems.


Many applications are only made possible by the use of KAESER compressors or they simplify daily work. Depending on the industry and application, there are different compressor principles that come into play here. KAESER Compressors is the leading manufacturer of compressor systems and offers the perfect solution for every requirement.

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Compressed air preparation

Without clean compressed air, many applications in industry cannot be implemented. The quality of compressed air produced has a direct impact on the reliability of pneumatic components or end users. Machine failures and additionally high operating costs are the result of compressed air that is not properly treated in accordance with the prescribed quality standards. It is therefore important that compressed air is prepared in accordance with ISO 8573-1 for the respective industries and applications. To ensure the safety of operational processes and the efficiency of costs.

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Pressure maintenance systems

KAESER pressure maintenance systems ensure consistent, reliable maintenance of high compressed air quality in systems. Thanks to their support, starting compressors work as quickly as possible against the defined mains pressure after breaks in operation. This ensures optimum functionality of the treatment components.

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Piping systems

A lot of energy is needed to generate compressed air, which is directly reflected in the costs. An increase in energy costs, equipment failures, loss of production efficiency, and increased maintenance of machinery and equipment are the result of a poorly planned compressed air system. The compressed air piping system provides for the transport of compressed air to the final pick-up point and ensures that the required compressed air is available in sufficient quantity, appropriate quality and at the required pressure.

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Control system

By using the KAESER SAM 4.0 control system, the economic efficiency and flexibility of a production is increased. The focus here is on increasing the availability of the compressed air systems as well as fault detection in order to avoid corresponding machine failures. An installed measurement technology picks up this data and transmits it to the KAESER SIGMA AIR MANAGER 4.0 (SAM 4.0) control system.

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Consumption measurement

A consumption measurement reveals weak points in the compressed air system. With the help of a data logger, which is connected to the system to be measured, the compressed air consumption is recorded. Over a specified period of time, the consumption at the compressed air station is determined. The determined data are analyzed and evaluated in order to define measures for the elimination or reduction of the compressed air consumption afterwards. Problem areas are often found at the end users such as machines and plants. An efficient and economical compressed air system from KAESER Kompressoren SE can be ensured by regular analyses.

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Heat recovery

The use of heat recovery can reduce the operating costs of a compressed air station and save considerable money in the process. Most of the energy used to generate compressed air can be converted back into compressor heat and used again. By using a heat recovery system, up to 94 percent of the thermal energy generated can be reused.

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KAESER compressed air blowers with low operating pressures are used for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials or aeration of clarifiers in water management.

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