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KAESER Blowers instead of vacuum pumps and compressors

KAESER Rotary lobe blowers and KAESER screw blowers are a cheap and energy-efficient alternative to vacuum pumps and compressors in wastewater treatment and water purification. Their use will also increase in other areas. The strength and diversity of positive displacment blowers and screw blowers is particularly evident in industrial areas such as wastewater treatment and municipal water treatment: whether for backwashing in sand filter systems, for introducing blowing air into sewage treatment plants, for drinking water production through desalination, for wastewater disposal or for oxyenating aeration tanks, KAESER blowers can be used instead of compressors or vacuum pumps for all these applications.

KAESER Screw blowers


More compressed air with less energy. KAESER rotary screw blowers use around 35 percent less energy than conventional positive displacment blowers. KAESER screw blowers are the all-rounders of compressed air technology, delivering high volumes of high-quality blower air even in continuous operation under the most difficult conditions. Thanks to their wide control range, they can be used flexibly for a wide variety of applications. KAESER screw blowers are characterised by high energy efficiency and low life cycle costs and are easy to install. They are used in the biological wastewater treatment of sewage plants, in pneumatic conveying and in various drying and cooling processes in industry.

Pure efficiency is offered by the KAESER FBS screw blower and represent another milestone in the field of oil-free compressed blowers. The units are used in the water management sector.

Flyer FBS Screw Blower

The KAESER screw blowers of the GBS type in the power range 75 to 160 kW with a volume flow of 22 to 104 m³/min and differential pressure up to 1.100 mbar represent a new benchmark in compressor technology.

Flyer GBS Screw Blower

KAESER Screw blowers up to 250 kW

Highly efficient KAESER screw blowers for use in a wide volume flow range. Here, savings of up to 35 percent are possible thanks to outstanding efficiency.


  • 7.5 kW to 250 kW
  • Volume flow from 3 to 160 m³/min
  • Differential pressure 300 to 1.100 mbar


  • Maximum efficiency
  • Operating and condition data in real time
  • Low installation costs

KAESER Turbo blowers


KAESER Pillaerator turbo blowers are particularly suitable for aeration processes with high air requirements in biological water treatment. Their technology offers reliable and energy-efficient operation, thus enabling low life cycle costs.

Flyer Turbo blowers

KAESER Turbo blower Pillaerator

The KAESER blowers are used wherever process air is required for low-pressure applications. The turbo blower is ideally suited for large air volumes for aeration in the treatment of waste water. It is also used in industrial applications such as flotation, fermentation, fluidisation and even the generation of blowing air.

The turbo impeller is driven directly by a high-speed motor whose shaft has magnetic bearings and thus operates completely free of lubricants and wear, which means less maintenance effort and costs. The smart magnetic bearing is protected against power failure and actively controls the rotor position in order to keep it in its orbit even in the event of strong fluctuations in the operating parameters. This means that the bearing works independently of the speed, which results in a very wide control range.


  • 150 kW and 300 kW
  • Volume flow up to 16.000 m³/h
  • Pressure range 0.3 to 1.3 bar


  • High energy efficiency
  • Reliability and safety
  • Maintenance-free drive

KAESER rotary piston blowers


KAESER rotary piston blowers work according to the proven Roots principle. Two rotary pistons are mounted in parallel inside the housing. These three-lobe rotary pistons rotate in opposite directions. The pumped medium is sucked in by the rotation of the pistons, compressed and conveyed to the next stage or to the outlet. The rotary pistons do not touch each other or the housing. This means that no lubricants or operating fluids are required in the process chamber. The tow rotary pistons are diven by a pair of gears located at the shaft ends of the gearbox and separated from the compression chamber. This ensures the exact synchronisation of the pistons.


KAESER Rotary blower

KAESER rotary blowers are robust space savers. Thanks to universal design, the systems can not only be individually adapted to the customer’s requirements. Plant operators also benefit from easy maintenance and operation of the blowers.


  • 1.5 kW and 250 kW
  • Volume flow overpressure from 0.8 to 156 m³/min
  • Pressure difference overpressure up to 1000 mbar


  • Low purchase cost – high efficiency
  • Modular and space-saving
  • Robust and durable

Future technology from KAESER Kompressoren SE


The KAESER Sigma Air Manager 4.0 controls blowers intelligently and simply and is the solution for the automation of KAESER blower stations. This not only achieves maximum energy efficiency and saves costs, but also enables remote control in the sense of Industry 4.0 or Water 4.0.

The KAESER Sigma Air Manager 4.0 is the heart of a blower station and the key technology for the use of future services in the sense of Industry 4.0. It controls the individual machines highl efficiently as the central intelligence and adapts the delivery rate perfectly to the vollume flow requirement profile. Only the setpoint of the desired volume flow (intake or standard state) from the process control system is needed to adjust all blowers to it. In this way, unequal operating hour utilisation of identical blowers as well as several blowers in partial load operation can be avoided. Operating data is analysed in a targeted manner, possible machine combinations are simulated and those are then selected that are most efficient within the framework of the possible switching behaviour of the blowers.


Energy efficiency on an unprecedented scale with the most stable operation of the blowers possible, thanks to special algorithms in terms of volume flow control and pressure control. These were specially developed for the operating behaviour of machines and processes in low pressures.

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KAESER Sigma Air Manager 4.0

  • Communication in 30 languages
  • Easy-to-use 12-inch touch-screen colour display shows at a glance whether the station is in the energetically “green” range
  • Simple display and analysis of operating states, pressure curve, delivery quantity and output, as well as maintenance and possible fault messages
  • Thanks to a network connection, the data can also be conveniently accessed from the PC in the office or elsewhere

Individual solutions


Because we believe that solutions are only as good as the preparation. We adapt your compressed air systems to the respective production conditions, the place of use and your specific needs. No matter whether you want to optimise your system or are planning a new one. The FILCOM team accepts the challenge. Because we are optimally equipped to find the right solution for every customer.

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