Heat recovery

Heat recovery saves energy!

Sustainable solution – clean energy!

Simply use compression energy again! No problem at all with heat recovery. You can significantly reduce the operating costs of a compressor station and save a lot of money at the same time. This is because a large part of the energy used to generate compressed air is converted into compression heat that can be reused. With heat recovery, up to 94 % of the thermal energy generated can be recovered for further use.


Why recover heat?

The question should actually be: Why not? After all, every KAESER screw compressor converts 100 % of the (electrical) drive energy supplied to it into thermal energy. Up to 96 % of this energy can be recovered, for example for heating purposes or for hot water production. This reduces primary energy consumption and significantly improves the overall energy balance.


Heat recovery for hot air and hot water applications

By using a heat recovery system, energy that has already been paid for can be put to good use once again. Since a compressor converts 100 percent of the electrical drive energy supplied to it into heat energy, up to 96 percent is available for heat recovery. 2 percent remains as heat in the compressed air and another 2 percent is released as radiant heat. Thus, with a heat recovery system such as a PTG plate heat exchanger, up to 96 percent heat can be recovered.

Modern KAESER screw compressors in fully enclosed design are particularly well suited for a heat recovery system. In particular, the direct use of waste heat via an air duct system opens up a high potential for saving the energy used.

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