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KAESER Mobile construction compressors – reliable and efficient to use

The KAESER brand stands for robust, reliable and efficient construction compressors. The product portfolio here covers ranges from 1 m³/min to oil-free units with 45 m³/min. The mobile units are suitable for a wide range of applications and are available with numerous options in mobile or stationary versions. Likewise, the construction compressors have a combustion engine or electric motor.

Accustomed to continuous operation, the units are particularly suitable for outdoor use in wind and weather thanks to robust polyethylene hoods. Easy handling and uncomplicated access to maintenance points allow service work to be carried out quickly and economically.

Environmental protection and less exhaust fumes – an approach that applies to all KAESER MOBILAIR. Thanks to special drive motors, the compressors meet the EU Stage V emissions standard. This is an environmental concept that KAESER lives by. Completely free of exhaust emissions, the electric, mobile units can be operated with a power connection nearby. Entry into environmental and noise protection zones can be realized without hesitation thanks to a quiet electric drive.

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Mobilair M50B

Mobile compressed air with battery operation

At a time when electrification in drives is becoming increasingly important, the question of the usefulness of a battery-operated compressor and what such a solution could look like also arises in the field of construction compressors. KAESER Compressors is on the rise with a study here!

On the outside, the battery-powered M50B resembles a conventional construction compressor, but is significantly different on the inside. A 300 kilogram battery enables the compressor to be operated with wireless energy. The battery-powered machine is designed for the world’s most common compressor size of 5.2 m³/min (185cfm), with an operating pressure that can be set between 6 and 14 bar. The battery is sized so that it can cover the typical use of a construction compressor of this size on an average working day. These values were derived from experience with sister models that run on diesel and are in use worldwide.

KAESER’s study aims to introduce potential users to a wireless energy solution while questioning the needs and customer requirements in this area.

  • Where can users introduce the use of a battery-electric system and for which applications would it make sense?
  • What performance of the battery would be desirable and perhaps a hybrid solution would also be conceivable?

In this way, users can actively shape the future of construction compressors.

KAESER e-power


For use in tunnels, excavations or buidlings – thanks an electric drive

  • low-noise and emission-free
  • harmless use in environmental and noise protection zones
  • up to 15 bar ooperating overpressure

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Power connection available? That’s the prerequisite for electric mobile construction compressors of KAESER to come up to trumps without any problems. Thanks to a low-noise electric drive, the KAESER e-power compressors can be used without hesitation in environmental or noise protection zones. The exhaust emission-free drive enables use in tunnels, excavation pits or buidlings.

Perfectly equipped – no matter how high the requirement. Because the KAESER e-power construction compressors are extremely mobile power packs, particularly robust, energy-efficient and compact in design. The systems are easy to handle and require very little maintenance. A plus point that pays off in terms of cost.

The KAESER e-power compressors can be used in a wide variety of applications. The chassis is equipped with a rigid or height adjustable drawbar. The overrun brake is optionally available. This makes the application completely flexible. The units can also be taken along for bridging during maintenance at industrial stations. Absolutely clean companions.

  • Volume flow up to 24.7 m³/min
  • Operating pressure up to 15 bar


  • low-noise and emission-free
  • use in environmental zones and buildings
  • Savings in operating and maintenance costs
  • Simple system operation
  • Built-in compressed air treatment

For the large projects

Powerful, stationary and absoutely suitable for outdoor use. There are the KAESER MOBILAR M250E and M255E construction compressors. Even when things get a little tight, the compact units can be set up without any problems. Transport by truck is child’s play – two e-power units fit in parallel on one truck bed. A solid carriage allows the unit to slide or be pulled at the installation side. The bodywork is protected from damage by the overhang of the carriage.

A star-delta start-up alows use ina temperature range of -10°C to +40°C. Low temperature versions with interior heating for ambient temperatures down to -25°C are also available.

The KAESER MOBILAIR M250E and M255E are delivered ready for connection with a switch disconnector. A terminal box or a POWERBLOCK plug is optionaly available for connection. A modem makes the compressors Industry 4.0 capable. Information about the technical condition of the plant, e.g. number of operting hours, location determination incl. geolashing can be obtained. Plant utilization, maintenance planning and remote diagnostics can thus be used without any problems.

KAESER Small compressors up to 1.6 m³/min


For operating air hammers, earth rockets and much more

  • resistant due to PE housing
  • compact design
  • up to 15 bar ooperating overpressure

KAESER Small compressors with gasoline engine

Thanks to their compact design, the KAESER small compressors can be taken along on any loading area, no matter how small. Every application is mastered with flying colors, because the reliable devices consist of an impact-resistant PE housing and a quality engine.

Even at temperatures up to +40°C, the small compressors with gasoline engines can operate without any problems. Tough everyday construction site conditions for driving earth-moving rockets and sewer robots pose no problem. The application here is very versatile – from operating compressed air hammers, spades to use as an assembly compressor for driving drills, saws, screwdrivers and grinders. The M17 moder – a 15-bar version – can be ideally sued for trenchless laying of fiber optice cables.

  • Volume flow up to 1.6 m³/min
  • Operating pressure up to 15 bar


  • can be used quickly at any place
  • easy and comfortable operation
  • low-maintenance and low-noise operation

KAESER Compact compressors


For use in sandblasting, for blowing out formwork or for operating earthmoving rockets and construction hammers

  • Construction compressors with diesel engine
  • Extremely impact resistant and stable in value due to PE hoods
  • up to 14 bar operating overpressure

Flyer “Application all-rounder: Mobilair M20”

KAESER Construction compressors with diesel engine up to 3m³/min

KAESER MOBILAIR construction compressors with diesel engines are robust and compact companions weighing less than 1 ton. As compact, service-friendly and yet powerful compressors, the units not only impress with a high delivery rate, but also with a wide range of options in the equipment. Therefore, these KAESER units can be characterized as true all-rounders.

Even at ambient temperatures between -10 °C and +45 °C, the use of these construction compressors is possible without any problems. The units are extremely impact-resistant and retain their value thanks to rotationally sintered PE hoods and can therefore be used even in the toughest everyday construction site conditions. All model variants are absolutely easy to handle. The weight is less than 750 kg. This means that the units can also be used with smaller towing vehicles without any problems. An optionally available, integrated 6.5 KVA generator turns the mobile compressors into a construction site energy center and optionally supplies compressed air and/or electricity.

  • Volume flow up to 2.9 m³/min
  • Operating pressure up to 14 bar


  • Cool and pure compressed air
  • Robust and durable
  • diverse options

KAESER Building compressors with generator


Can be used wherever efficiency and robustness are required. An optional generator turns the compressor into an energy center on the construction site.

  • Construction compressor with power unit
  • can be configured precisely to any application thanks to numerous options
  • up to 14 bar operating overpressure

KAESER Compressor-generator combination

The KAESER MOBILAIR compressors with power pack are ture multi-talents. Robust, flexible and powerful with many options in the equipment and thus configurable for many applications.

An all-rounder that becomes professional. With different maximum pressure values, optional synchronous generators and / or compressed air treatment components, the units can be used flexibly for a wide variety of tasks. Thanks to the standard crane lugs, transporting the machines is child’s play. Skids or machine feet allow the units to be optimally positioned at a wide variety of locations where efficiency and robustness are required. The powerful all-rounders are particularly popular for blasting work and guardrail construction, and optional generators make them a power source on the construction site at the same time.

  • Volume flow up to 8,4 m³/min
  • Operating pressure up to 14 bar


  • Compressed air and electricity available at the same time
  • Exhaust gas stage V (low emission)
  • One for all

KAESER Construction compressor with diesel engine


Here performance is guaranteed – and more than just a promise. Devices for cable blowing and driling, for blasting work and concrete processing as well as for the provision of backup air in opencast mining and in industry.

  • Construction compressors with diesel engine
  • oil-injected, mobile compressors powerful yet compact
  • up to 14 bar operating overpressure

Flyer “Strong under extreme conditions – Mobilair M120”

KAESER Diesel-powered compressors

At KAESER, performance is more than just a promise. That’s because KAESER MOBILAIR construction compressors with diesel engines are compact, powerful and variable. With these oil-injected, mobile compressors, environmentally friendly engines with EU emission level V provide the necessary power.

The units can be used for numerous applications and, thanks to a wide variety of optinal treatment components, can always supply compressed air quality when it is needed. Thanks to a large tank volume, the compressors never run out of air on the construction site. One tank fill quantity is enough for a complete day shift.

The pV control ensures flexible use of the diesel-powered compressors. The system can be operated between 6 and 14 bar.

  • Volume flow up to 26.5 m³/min
  • Operating pressure up to 14 bar


  • Compressed air and electricity available at the same time
  • clean and oil-free compressed air
  • pV control

KAESER Mobile oil-free compressors up to 45.8 m³/min


For compressed air bridging during maintenance and repair work as well as back-up for large compressed air consumption, e.g. in refineries.

  • mobile oil-free compressors
  • highest compressed air quantity and quality with maximum flexibility
  • up to 10.3 bar operating overpressure

KAESER Mobile oil-free compressors up to 45.8 m³/min (1600 cfm)

These construction compressors combine the advantages of two-stage oil-free compressing KAESER screw compressors with those of mobile versions. Highest compressed air quantity and quality can be provided with maximum flexibility.

  • Volume flow up to 45.8 m³/min
  • Operating overpressure up to 10.3 bar


  • Compressed air aftercooler as standard
  • Fleet management via modem as standard
  • Optional carriage version for stationary applications
  • Refinery equipment standard – including certified spark arrestor, motor closing valve and closed bottom pan
  • numerous installation aids (chassis with parking brake, crane and lashing eyes, forklift pockets)


  • future-proof and environmentally friendly
  • permanently highest efficiency
  • minimum downtimes

The KAESER MOBILAIR M500-2 also bristles with enormous endurance and strength when used in industry. The flagship helps to bridge compressed air peaks during maintenance and repair work; it is indispensable as a back-up for large compressed air consumption or for use in refineries. Even automated production processes or connection to a control station are no problem at all. The KAESER M500-2 can be easily integrated into any existing compressed air system. Should the compressed air supply fail, the oil-free compressing screw compressor automatically kicks in.

Individual solutions


Because we believe that solutions are only as good as the preparation. We tailor your compressed air systems to the respective production conditions, the place of use and your specific needs. No matter whether you want to optimize your system or are planning a new one. The FILCOM team accepts the challenge. Because we are well equipped to find the right solution for every customer.

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