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The compressed air treatment components of a compressed air system are designed for the flow rates prevailing in the compressed air network during load operation. If the network is depressurised after off-load or idle periods, the resistance of the network pressure is missing when the compressors are restarted. This means, that there is a risk of compressed air „overrunning“ filters and dryers at too high a speed. Electronic pressure maintenance systems reliably prevent this.

KAESER Electronic pressure maintenance system

KAESER pressure maintenance systems are indispensable aids wherever consistent, reliable maintenance of high compressed air quality is required. After all, they ensure that compressors restarting after breaks in operation work as quickly as possible against defined mains pressure. This means that thanks to immediately correct flow rates, optimal functioning of the treatment components is ensured right from the start.

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KAESER pressure maintenance systems

The heart of every KAESER DHS pressure maintenance system is the electronic control unit. Pressure sensor, display and the control algorithm based on pulse width modulation are designed for communication with cross-machine controls. The pressure sensor integrated in the KAESER DHS also leads to a unique integration of the entire compressed air system.

Individual solutions


Because we believe that solutions are only as good as the preparation. We adapt your compressed air systems to the respective production conditions, the place of use and your specific needs. No matter whether you want to optimise your system or are planning a new one. The FILCOM team accepts the challenge. Because we are optimally equipped to find the right solution for every customer.

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