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Compressed air systems often receive little attention in terms of energy efficiency, or do you know how old your compressed air generators are and what equipment they have?

Compressed air is one of the safest, but one of the most expensive forms of energy in companies. Due to leaks in valves, control air hoses, sealing air and piping, the energy often escapes completely unused. Further energy ist lost trough unused heat generated during the production of compressed air. Compressed air generators that matched your consumption years ago are operating inefficiently with your current compressed air consumption, resulting in high energy costs.


Elimination of leakages

Up to 25 % of total compressed air consumption can be lost in older compressed air systems due to leakage.

Example calculation for a medium-sized company:

Often, grown structures lead to problems here.

  • Differential pressures
  • Lack of overview
  • Different pipe systems
  • Rust in pipes

Installed compressor capacity 150 kW (el.) x 6.000 Bh x 0,12 € / kWh

Annual electricity costs: 180.000 €

25 % leakage costs: 27.000 € per year

Leakage costs within one year at operation 24 h/ 365 days, calculated with compressed air costs of 1.9 ct/Nm3

We track down leaks for you!

The FILCOM GmbH team offers customers reliable service to detect leaks in the compressed air system guaranteed. We support you in preventing failures and increasing your process reliability.

With 6 steps to a leak-free compressed air station:

  • With our leak detector LD 500 from CS Instruments we detect all compressed air leaks along the compressed air network during production operation
  • We mark existing leakages and bring them to record for our customers
  • FILCOM leakage management includes an economic and ecological consideration of the entire process
  • The FILCOM final report shows the customer all weak points in the system as well as further information on energy costs, compressed air consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • At the customer’s request, the FILCOM team takes care of the competent elimination of leakages in the entire compressed air network
  • You prefer to do the work yourself? No problem – at FILCOM you will receive all relevant spare parts necessary for the elimination of the leakages. We will assign these to you accordingly in advance.

Flyer leak detector

Your own initiative – a possible alternative?


You take the initiative yourself with our leak detector LD 500 from CS Instruments. We will be happy to provide you with this device for independent measurement in your company. You can independently and efficiently detect leaks in your compressed air network, which we can then evaluate for you afterwards. Unsure? Then the FILCOM team will be happy to support you competently on site.

With our service and experience, we offer you the answer and the solution to leaks in the compressed air network. You reduce your costs for compressed air and save money at the same time.

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