Reduce idle time


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Compressed air systems often receive little attention in terms of energy efficiency, or do you know how old your compressed air generators are and what equipment they have?

Compressed air is one of the safest, but one of the most expensive forms of energy in companies. Due to leaks in valves, control air hoses, sealing air and piping, the energy often escapes completely unused. Further energy ist lost trough unused heat generated during the production of compressed air. Compressed air generators that matched your consumption years ago are operating inefficiently with your current compressed air consumption, resulting in high energy costs.


Reduce idle time

In an industrial compressed air system, air demand is typically subject to fluctuations. One step towards optimizing energy efficiency is to reduce idle times.


A consideration of idle times or non-productive times also includes a consideration of grid disconnection or partial grid control. Controlled systems must also be considered in this context. If these run for a longer time at the lowest or highest speed band, they also cause higher costs. In addition, network volume, storage volume, pressure reduction and available plant size play an important role.

Compressors consume up to 25 % of energy compared to full load when they continue to run at idle after the end of their service life. Even more energy is consumed when compressors switch to load operation, possibly from time to time, in the event of leaks in the system.

The shorter the production time, the greater the potential savings when compressors are switched off instead of being left idle.

Local and supervisory controls offer a good way to reduce idle time.

A weekly timer can be sued to turn the compressor on and off according to air demand patterns.

Consideration of the different utilization between the individual shifts. The day shift usually has the highest consumption; the late shift, on the other hand, has lower consumption.

Individual solutions


Because we believe that solutions are only as good as the preparation. We tailor your compressed air systems to the respective production conditions, the place of use and your specific needs. No matter whether you want to optimize your system or are planning a new one. The FILCOM team accepts the challenge. Because we are well equipped to find the right solution for every customer.