The cost of compressed air


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Compressed air systems often receive little attention in terms of energy efficiency, or do you know how old your compressed air generators are and what equipment they have?

Compressed air is one of the safest, but one of the most expensive forms of energy in companies. Due to leaks in valves, control air hoses, sealing air and piping, the energy often escapes completely unused. Further energy ist lost trough unused heat generated during the production of compressed air. Compressed air generators that matched your consumption years ago are operating inefficiently with your current compressed air consumption, resulting in high energy costs.


The cost of compressed air

Energy is needed to compress air. The cost of generating 1 m³/min of compressed air is often between 7 – 10 kW/h. This does not take into account the associated treatment such as refrigeration dryers and filters, which also cause energy costs.

Energy costs account for up to 70 % of the total life cycle costs of a compressor.

Improving the energy efficiency of a compressed air system can save you money.

Individual solutions


Because we believe that solutions are only as good as the preparation. We tailor your compressed air systems to the respective production conditions, the place of use and your specific needs. No matter whether you want to optimize your system or are planning a new one. The FILCOM team accepts the challenge. Because we are well equipped to find the right solution for every customer.