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20. June 2024

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Thanks to hydraulic filters from Filtration Group Industrial.

One of the main causes of malfunctions and operational failures in hydraulic systems is dirt, which leads to premature wear of components.


Hydraulic filters from Filtration Group Industrial. The filters keep solid contamination to a tolerable level, prevent dirt from the environment from entering and preserve the properties of the hydraulic fluids over a long period of time.

Main sources of contamination:

  • Assembly dirt: chips, dust, paint residues and much more during production and assembly
  • Operational dirt: abrasion and wear during operation
  • Environmental contamination: dust and dirt caused by defective seals and inadequate ventilation


  • Suction filter
  • Pressure filters
  • Duplex filters
  • Bypass filters
  • Return-line filters
  • Air breathers
  • Accessories

By using FG filtration systems, you benefit from long service lives, cost-saving operation and increased efficiency of your system.

Protect your hydraulic system and ensure maximum operating times with proven filtration solutions from Filtration Group Industrial.

The FILCOM GmbH team will be happy to advise you on this. Contact us!

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