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Sustainable compressed air for a greener future

4. July 2024

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Innovative solutions for efficient and sustainable supply and disposal are crucial for the global environmental economy.

Drinking water supply and wastewater disposal account for around 40% of the energy consumption of cities and municipalities. Increasing energy efficiency in sewage treatment plants and waterworks is therefore a key issue. One important approach is the recovery of energy from sewage sludge. Many wastewater companies in Germany already use biogas from sewage sludge to reduce their energy requirements in an environmentally friendly way.

KAESER Kompressoren impresses with outstanding products for the water industry. From economical screw blowers to innovative compressor stations. The solutions are efficient, future-oriented and fit perfectly with the circular economy.

Discover the new screw blowers FBS 720 L SFC and GBS 1050 L SFC with a volume flow of 72 m³/min and 105 m³/min respectively. They offer a maintenance-friendly design and low-noise operation thanks to effective sound and pulsation dampening. The synchronous reluctance motors ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Compact solutions such as the Aircenter SM13 and the i.Comp 8 and 9 Tower T offer tailor-made compressed air solutions for every need – perfect for sewage treatment plants, craft businesses and industrial applications.

Flexible and environmentally friendly: The mobile compressor MOBILAIR M13E is powerful and quiet – ideal for use in environmental or noise protection zones.

Discover the future of environmental technology together with FILCOM GmbH

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