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Where compressed air meets filtration and technology, FILCOM is your competent partner. Based in Ostfildern-Ruit, Germany, we have been working for local, national and international companies worldwide in over 90 countries since 2000. Our main focus is the distribution of compressors, compressed air treatment as well as industrial technology. We solve problems, optimize processes and save our customers and partners money in their production. We create the right gut feeling according to the motto: “We inspire our customers.”  


We are experts and meet our customers and partners at eye level. This creates top performance in order to develop solutions from shared experiences. Because a successful future consists of the interaction of your products and our experience.


We optimize our workflow every day. Ultimately, we want to act quickly, flexibly and reliably in the interests of our customers and thus be able to implement projects. In other words – this is the key to high productivity and effectiveness.

f.l.t.r.: Ralf Kegelmann, Oliver Unrath, Wilfried Leitenberger, Michael Cornelius

Service & Equipment sales

Quality by conviction!

Not just today and tomorrow but also the day after. For this reason, at FILCOM GmbH you get everything from a single source. Because we guarantee more security, more efficiency and more performance through FILCOM’s analysis and consulting expertise.


This means that for special projects and challenges, we have the know-how to support you and answer your questions. In other words, we offer you comprehensive analytics and expertise for your application. We also create optimization recommendations for your systems and analyze problems directly on site. For a solution that is optimally tailored to you.

The whole world of compressed air

Service Technicians

Due to the complex requirements for compressed air, we at FILCOM GmbH rely on a high standard of training for all employees. Consequently, constant further training in close cooperation with KAESER is an integral part of ensuring quality standards. After all, we provide qualified and sustainable support for all technical systems.


We offer regional service. Finally, on-site service from our technicians creates trust and conveys reliability and professionalism. Because we support you in troubleshooting and advise you on your individual application. That’s why we tailor individual service and maintenance to the needs of the customer.


FILCOM GmbH stands for certified quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We are also a certified specialist company according to WHG and ChemKlimaSchutz.

f.l.t.r.: Jürgen Raab, Antonio Lamesic, Jürgen Hable, Stephan Hihn, Heiko Walter, Eugen Schneider
v.l.n.r.: Michael Gier, Jasmin Illi, Jürgen Fast, Janina Maxa, Nicolai Maxa

Filtration & Technology

Making it easy for customers!

Over 25,000 quality items in our online store ensure that every customer finds exactly the product that meets their needs.


By the way, FILCOM GmbH relies on products from well-known manufacturers such as Filtration Group Industrial, BEKO Technologies, MANN Filter and Parker every day. The FILCOM logistics concept ensures our customers an efficient, rapid and continuous supply of spare parts in the area of filtration technology.

The whole world of filtration To the Online Shop


Every day we anchor FILCOM and its products in the minds of customers with numerous ideas. Whether in website maintenance, newsletter design or social media.


We create information platforms for our customers that never sleep. That’s why we take creative approaches through fast reaction times and easy handling of systems. That’s why we’re constantly pushing digital marketing forward every day in order to stand out from the crowd.


So that our information is available to target groups from all over the world even at night. This is proven by our satisfied customer base with more than 40,000 customers worldwide in 90 countries – and has been doing so for over 21 years.

Carmen Steiner
f.l.t.r.: Oliver Unrath, Wilfried Leitenberger, Nicolai Maxa


The company, founded in 2000, experienced a generational change in April 2017. Long-time employees Oliver Unrath, Wilfried Leitenberger and Nicolai Maxa take over FILCOM GmbH. The course for the future of the company was thus set anew.


Today, the company employs 20 people and is a guarantee for quality and customer satisfaction. With the Industry 4.0 concept from KAESER, Oliver Unrath and Wilfried Leitenberger plan, implement, operate and optimize their customers’ compressed air – individually and digitally. “Our motto is “We provide smart compressed air, more efficiently than ever before.


Since 2012, Nicolai Maxa has steered the filtration division on the road to success. As an official premium partner of Filtration Group Industrial, he recommends to our customers not the product we have, but the product that suits you best.

10 points for FILCOM GmbH

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  • Logistics concept for fast and continuous spare parts supply
  • Analysis and consulting competence
  • Comprehensive analytics and expertise for your applications; creation of optimization recommendations
  • Standardization of compressed air and filtration concepts
  • Regional service, reliability and professionalism
  • Over 20 years of experience in compressed air and filtration technology
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The FILCOM GmbH team

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  • Filtration
  • Technology

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