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The FILCOM magazine “JUST FACTS” is published three times a year and distributed free of charge. We report here on product innovations from renowned manufacturers such as BEKO Technologies, Filtration Group Industrial, MANN Filter and Parker in the broad world of filtration. Complex requirements for compressed air and its generation are also the focus of attention, as are products from our partner KAESER Kompressoren SE. Because FILCOM stands for quality by conviction.

We also present individual and customer-oriented projects in order to continue to focus on the quality and service claim of sustainable and qualified support for our customers in the future.

The FILCOM magazine “JUST FACTS” sees itself as a consultant and source of information in the broad world of compressed air, filtration and technology.

FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Issue 1/24

JUST FACTS Issue 1 / 24

In the latest issue of “JUST FACTS” you can again expect many interesting topics around FILCOM GmbH.

Compressed air is of crucial importance in the manufacturing processes of the cosmetics industry and is used in a wide range of applications – including at SPEICK natural cosmetics.

With the new KM series in the field of measurement technology, KAESER has succeeded in making an innovative development in the world of compressed air technology.

How do you find the right filter element in no time at all? This question is very easy to answer. With a practical sticker from Hengst Filtration, the right filter element can be identified at a glance.

Central systems for use on machine tools must meet a variety of requirements and face various challenges. Thanks to the FILCOM logistics concept, we were able to quickly deliver an FG double-switch filter to Belki Filtertechnik.

“Repair instead of throwing away.” A motto that is intended to support the change in awareness towards more sustainable use. We at FILCOM GmbH also focus on maintenance and regional service. Through the presence of our service technicians on site, we create trust and convey reliability and professionalism. Together with our customers and partners, we want to take a step towards a more sustainable future.

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JUST FACTS Issue 3/23

In the latest issue of “JUST FACTS” you can again expect many interesting topics around FILCOM GmbH.

In today’s highly technical world, the invisible but decisive power of compressed air plays a key role – especially in laser cutting systems. Laserschneidanlagen.

Efficient hydraulic filtration – reliable protection. Hengst Filtration recently expanded its line filter series to include the 250LEN series. This is characterized by improved separation performance thanks to the patented cyclone effect.

Air purification solutions from Filtration Group Industrial are the indispensable basis for trouble-free operation and efficient production processes. Dust filter elements have proven themselves worldwide in the extraction of laser cutting systems. They make short work of any type of dust pollution.

Industrial production processes require ever higher levels of purity. Powerful, innovative coalescer elements from Filtration Group Industrial ensure efficient separation of oil and emulsions in large volumes.


FILCOM magazine JUST FACTS issue 3/23
FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Edition 2/23

JUST FACTS Edition 2/23

In the latest issue of “JUST FACTS” you can again expect many interesting topics around FILCOM GmbH.

A tailor-made compressed air station, exactly suitable for the respective application? This is standard at FILCOM, but still not a matter of course for many. The technical and economic performance of a new compressed air station must be clearly designed and calculated right from the start. FILCOM GmbH has been working successfully for many years with Rubix, Europe’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products as well as technical services and support. Read all about the trade cooperation here.

Together for the energy supply of the future. Renewable energies are conquering the market and wind power is becoming the mainstay of the energy turnaround. In the latest issue you can read about the role of bilge water deoiling on offshore platforms and what FILCOM has to do with it.


JUST FACTS Edition 1/23

In the latest issue of “JUST FACTS” you can again expect many interesting topics around FILCOM GmbH.

Ensuring economic efficiency and sustainability. Gebr. Schwarz GmbH has successfully implemented its project “Economical Compressed Air” together with FILCOM GmbH, so that converted heating oil costs of 10.000,- € / year could be saved. Have you always wanted to know what tasks dust filter elements from Filtration Group Industrial have in the pharmaceutical industry?

Thanks to the new sales partnership between FILCOM GmbH and Hengst Filtration, customers now have access to an even more extensive product portfolio when it comes to filtration. The new “Sales Partner” partnership puts two filtration experts on equal footing.


FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Edition 1/23
FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Edition 3/22

JUST FACTS Edition 3/22

In this issue you can again expect many interesting topics around FILCOM GmbH. We present the use of FG filter elements in the most modern gear train in Europe.

Have you always wanted to know what the motto “Coffee as the elexir of life” is all about? Hochland Kaffee is a Stuttgart original and has received many awards for top regional quality. For years, it has relied on proven quality in the coffee manufacturing process.

At Probotec in Winterbach, a new KAESER compressed air station ensures maximum reliability in the production hall.


JUST FACTS Edition 2/22

Informative and exciting. In this issue we present the use of FG dust fitler elements for efficient product recovery in chewing gum production.

Have you always wanted to know what the motto “OLDIE BUT GOLDIE” is all about? The AIRTOWER from KAESER Kompressoren is a classic that has been reliably performing its services in sheet metal processing for many years.

BEKO Technologies is taking another step towards the fully networked compressed air preparation of the future with the BEKOMAT i4.0, a fusion of proven condensate discharge and digitaliziation.

FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Edition 2/22
JUST FACTS Edition 1/22

JUST FACTS Edition 1/22

In this issue, we introduce AIRpipe as a strong partner for piping systems used for compressed air, vacuum and intert gases.

FG filter elements provide valuable service for use in forestry technology.

Whether in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medical or plastics technology: machine tools are necessary wherever workpieces are manufactured. Field-proven duplex filters from Filtration Group Industrial ensure smooth operation without downtime.


JUST FACTS Edition 3/21

Process reliability is a key requirement for compressors in a sparkling wine cellar. In this issue, we show you how clean compressed air ensures sparkling champagne enjoyment.

Thanks to clean air and the use of dust filter elements from Filtration Group Industrial, immaculate surfaces are created in an agricultural machinery factory during the production of fertilizers and winter service spreaders.

FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Edition 3/21
FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Edition 2/21

JUST FACTS Edition 2/21

In this issue, we report on topics such as compressed air supply in a dental laboratory.

We inform you how sustainability & environmental protection are put into practise at a packaging specialist using compressed air from KAESER.

Have you always wanted to know how powerful duplex filters provide valuable services for modering processing machines?


JUST FACTS Edition 1/21

News about BAFA’s subsidy program is the focus of the issue.

We inform you about the consulting and analysis expertise of our well-positioned team for products from the largest compressed air system supplier for compressors and blowers – KAESER Kompressoren SE.

Have you always wanted to know how freeze drying works and what the benefits of a dedusting system are?

FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Edition 1/21
FILCOM Magazine JUST FACTS Edition 1/20

JUST FACTS Edition 1/20

Look forward to many exciting topics in the first issue of “JUST FACTS”, such as the SIGMA Air Manager 4.0, a cross-machine control system for all components of compressed air generation and treatment.

With the SilentCare, we present a device for effective room air filtration.

In addition, you will receive interesting information about our FILCOM rental service.



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