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“Let us inspire you too and benefit from our know-how.”

FILCOM GmbH advises and supplies customers worldwide in the fields of compressed air, filtration and technology. Our customers belong to the fast-growing middle class. Well-known companies from a wide range of industries benefit from our know-how.

The following references will convince you of the efficiency and versatility of FILCOM GmbH. This is only an excerpt from the list of companies with which we work successfully and in partnership.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us.

Innovateeth manufactory

Range: Compressed air


Website: https://www.innovateeth.de/

Company headquarters: 71069 Sindelfingen, Germany

Innovateeth was founded in January 2020 by Patrick Haas in Stuttgart. Innovateeth Manufaktur is a neologism made up of “innovative”, “teeth” and “manufacture”.

The company focuses on two areas:

  • On the one hand, the most modern dental technology with the use of the latest materials, manufacturing techniques and machines.
  • On the other hand, the production of specialized products by hand
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KESSLER Sekt GmbH & Co. KG

Range: Compressed air

Project: KAESER screw compressor model SK 25 (9 kW)

Website: https://www.kessler-sekt.de/

Company headquarters: 73728 Esslingen a.N.

At over 190 years, being Germany’s oldest sparkling wine producer is not an achievement, but an obligation – namely, to make clear the difference that the experience of almost two centuries brings. Anyone who has been making sparkling wine for as long as KESSLER has learned above all that there is no compromise for quality, and certainly no substitute. The basis for KESSLER’s sparkling wine products are wines. That is why KESSLER attaches the greatest importance to quality wines from the region and to wine producers in Germany and other European countries.

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SAIER Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Range: Compressed air

Project: KAESER DBS 220 M SFC screw blower

Website: https://www.saier-verpackungstechnik.de/de1/unternehmen/

Company headquarters: 72275 Alpirsbach

Within the SAIER Group, the company is the specialist for packaging pails, trays and tubs in all shapes and volumes from 1 to 65 liters. The company has a diverse standard product range. Due to excellent expertise as well as modern, sophisticated technology, customer-specific developments can be covered without any problems.

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RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Range: Filtration

Project: FG Dust filter cartridge 852 908 Ti 08-10 NOK

Website: https://rauch.de/

Company headquarters: 76547 Sinzheim

Founded in 1921, RAUCH is now run as a family business in the fourth and fifth generation.

Two core competencies:


form the basis for innovative RAUCH products of the:

  • Fertilization technology
  • Municipal technology
  • Seeding technology as OEM supplier

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Stettner Zerspanungstechnik GmbH

Range: Filtration

Project: FG Filter elements Pi 8430 DRG60

Website: https://zerspanungstechnik-stettner.de/start.html

Company headquarters: 57539 Etzbach

Since 2000, the company has been manufacturing high-quality series and small series parts as well as complex individual parts according to individual customer requirements on modern CNC machining centers.

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Sägewerk Fuchs GmbH

Range: Filtration

Project: FG Suction filter Pi 1710, FG PulseShield-Filter elements

Website: http://www.saegewerk-fuchs.de/

Company headquarters: 89558 Böhmenkirchen

The company, founded in 1892, is now run by the fourth generation of the Grieser family. Softwood and hardwood are processed in the sawmill. Highly qualified employees, most of whom have been with the company for many years, work with state-of-the-art technology.

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Otmar Noe GmbH

Range: Filtration

Project: FG Filterelemente Pi 1030 KS MIC 25/K197

Website: https://www.noegmbh.net/

Company headquarters: 69427 Mudau

The company develops forestry machines that simplify and improve work in the forest. In addition to forestry companies, the company also supplies industrial customers from all over Europe. Vehicles, driver’s cabs and equipment for use in difficult conditions for agriculture and forestry are manufactured at the site in Mudau.

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Schäfer Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Range: Filtration

Project: FG Duplex filter Pi 3730-012

Website: https://www.schaefer-vollendet.de/

Company headquarters: 77799 Ortenberg

Schäfer Kunststofftechnik, based in Ortenberg, successfully produces high-quality products from semi-finished plastics: in addition to designed machine cladding of complex construction for mechanical engineering, unusual diffusers for the lighting industry or complex precision parts for laboratory and automation technology, our customer also offers solutions in the field of interior design and advertising technology.

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Manfred Welsch GmbH

Range: Filtration

Project: FG room air filter SilentCare

Website: https://welsch-gmbh.de/

Company headquarters: 78333 Stockach

Since 1984, the family business has been an active and reliable partner for private individuals, agriculture, trade and industry in the field of energy supply. Customers can rely on a competent supplier for heating oil, diesel, lubricants, natural gas, electricity, pellets, heating, tank systems and technical accessories.

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Förderkreis Krebskranke Kinder e.V. Stuttgart

Range: Filtration

Project: FG room air filter SilentCare

Website: https://www.foerderkreis-krebskranke-kinder.de/

Company headquarters: 70174 Stuttgart

The Blue House was purchased in 2009 by Förderkreis krebskranke Kinder e.V. with the help of private donations. Affected families can live here during the inpatient or outpatient treatment of their children, find peace and, above all, be very close to their children.

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Hairdresser Master Shop Linizio

Range: Filtration

Project: FG room air filter SilentCare

Website: https://www.linizio.de/

Company headquarters: 73760 Ostfildern-Nellingen

Masterful craftsmanship and excellent service are at the heart of the salon concept. The hairstylists work with the highest precision and high-quality products based on plant ingredients. Professional and detailed advice in a pleasant atmosphere are the focus of the team.

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aquaRömer GmbH & Co. KG

Range: Filtration

Project: FG room air filter SilentCare

Website: https://www.aquaroemer.de/

Company headquarters: 74535 Mainhardt

In 1995, the development of the springs in Mainhardt was accompanied by the foundation of aquaRömer GmbH & Co. KG WAS FOUNDED. As a subsidiary of Brunnen Union, the company is one of the largest mineral water companies in Baden-Württemberg. In addition to its long tradition, the company also focuses on sustainability and nature conservation.

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Adolf Würth Airport Schwäbisch Hall

Range: Filtration

Project: FG room air filter SilentCare

Website: https://www.edty.de/

Company headquarters: 74523 Schwäbisch Hall

Masterful craftsmanship and excellent service are at the heart of the salon concept. The hairstylists work with the highest precision and high-quality products based on plant ingredients. Professional and detailed advice in a pleasant atmosphere are the focus of the team.

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Studio Plus – Fitness and Health Center

Range: Filtration

Project: FG room air filter SilentCare

Website: https://www.studioplus.ag/

Company headquarters: 70599 Stuttgart

Family studio with very modern and user-friendly equipment. The studio management and trainers focus on friendliness, attentiveness and competence and offer a friendly “welcome” to customers.

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Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar – Independent Vocational School for Social Pedagogy

Range: Filtration

Project: FG room air filter SilentCare

Website : http://www.waldorferzieherseminar.de/

Company headquarters: 70188 Stuttgart

The Waldorf Education Seminar Stuttgart offers various qualifications for teachers and people interested in Waldorf education.

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Goldhofer Airport Technology

Range: Technology

Project: BorgWarner Oil temperature regulator

Website: https://www.goldhofer.com/

Company headquarters: 73760 Ostfildern

Goldhofer is a global manufacturer of heavy-duty and special transport vehicles headquartered in Memmingen, Germany. The Airport Technology division focuses on the specific requirements of airport logistics. Conventional and towbarless aircraft tractors, cargo and baggage tractors in various performance classes, and aircraft recovery systems reliably and efficiently master high-frequency logistics processes at airports around the world.

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PfisterMetall GmbH & Co. KG

Range: Compressed air

Project: KAESER AIRTOWER 26 compressed air station

Website: https://www.pfistermetall.de/

Company headquarters: 72393 Burladingen

PfisterMetall GmbH & Co. KG is one of the most efficient companies in the field of metal processing. With decades of experience in CNC metal processing, the team is a professional in this field and has extensive processing skills. The company specialises in the areas of laser cutting, punching, punch-laser processing, bending, tube bending, welding, assembly of components and surface processing for customers in various industries.

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Delica AG

Range: Filtration

Project: FG dust filter cartridges 852 804 Ti 07/1-0,3 V4A FOOD

Website: https://www.delica.com/de

Company headquarters: 5033 Buchs, Switzerland

Delica AG is a merger of the companies Chocolat Frey AG, Delica AG, Midor AG, Riseria SA and Total Capsule Solutions. Delica develops and produces high-quality luxury products in the areas of chocolate, snacks, cooking products and coffee. The company produces numerous own brands for Migros and for well-known major groups in Switzerland and abroad.

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Fred. Olsen S.A.

Area: Separation

Project: Coalescer elements FC-001-040-PS-10

Website: https://www.fredolsen.es/en

Company headquarters: Santa Cruz de Tenerife CP 38111

Comfort and speed combined with quality service. This is the goal that the company Fred. Olsen S.A. has always had this goal in mind and today it can offer sea connections to most of the Canary Islands. Fred. Olsen Express is a clear market leader, covering 8 sea routes for passengers and cargo, transporting more than 3,000,000 passengers, 800,000 cars and more than 125,000 trucks every year.

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ERS Emder Radsysteme GmbH & Co. KG

Range: Filtration

Project: FG Filterelement Pi 73010 DN PS VST 10

Website: https://www.dirks-group.de/

Company headquarters: 26723 Emden

The DIRKS Group operates the most modern wheel plant in Europe in Emden. Up to 6,000 wheels for Volkswagen are assembled, tested and then delivered just in sequence to the neighboring automotive plant here every day. In Europe’s most modern wheel plant in Emden, filter elements from Filtration Group Industrial provide the optimum basis for efficient, safe and economical production of high-quality goods.

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Hochland-Kaffee Hunzelmann GmbH & Co. KG

Range: Compressed air

Project: Screw compressor SM 11-7,5

Website: https://www.hochland-kaffee.de/

Company headquarters: 70597 Stuttgart

Hochland Kaffee is a Stuttgart original and has received many awards for regional top quality, masterful manufacturing tradition and innovative partnership. The Stuttgart coffee manufactory with its own roastery has been in existence since 1930. Hochland understands coffee as the elixir of life and enlivens the city center with its aroma and taste in numerous corners.

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Probotec GmbH

Range: Compressed air

Project: KAESER Screw compressor BSD T & CSD T Series

Website: https://www.probotec.de/

Company headquarters: 73650 Winterbach

The Winterbacher Probotec GmbH has specialized as a contract service provider in the field of assembly and packaging. The company offers everything from small batches to fully automated production. Currently Probotec produces over 1.5 billion parts p.a. and takes over all desired steps for its customers. From production, quality control (sampling or 100% control), storage and logistics to disposition. Probotec has been certified according to DIN 9001:2015 for several years. The production site east of Stuttgart has an area of 2,800 m² with currently 50 employees.

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Merolli sas

Range: Filtration

Project: FG dust filter elements 852 904 Ti 07/1-1,6 V4A

Website: https://www.merollisas.com/

Company headquarter: 03024 Ceprano, Italien

Merolli sas is the market leader in the supply of industrial articles and special equipment. The company has been focused for many years on the needs of customers and partners in a wide range of industries.

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Range: Compressed air

Project: Energy efficiency coaching

Website: https://www.sempact.de/

Company headquarter: 86899 Landsberg am Lech

Since time immemorial, energy has been the number one issue to be addressed. In this context, it is very important that energy is continuously available to companies and private households and remains affordable. In this interview with Antonia Meichelböck, energy efficiency coach at SEMPACT AG, we look at the challenges faced by companies. The drastic increases in the prices of energy sources such as heating oil, gas, electricity and coal are currently making it difficult for all companies to feed in their energy costs and pass them on to the consumer – a challenge.

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Gebr. Schwarz GmbH

Range: Compressed air

Project: KAESER screw compressors with Sigma Control 2

Website: https://schwarz-gmbh.de/

Company headquarters : 78628 Rottweil-Neukirch

Gebr. Schwarz GmbH in Rottweil-Neukirch is a state-of-the-art technology company in the field of plastics and tooling technology. Founded in 1966, the company today stands for precise, sophisticated and innovative plastics solutions, both nationally and internationally, with around 200 employees. The company’s philosophy of manufacturing innovative complete plastic solutions according to individual requirements is made possible by involving all partners involved in the process.

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Rubix GmbH

Area: Separation

Project: Cooperation in trade

Website: https://de.rubix.com/de/

Company headquarter: 94447 Plattling

FILCOM GmbH has been working successfully for many years with Rubix, Europe’s leading supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products as well as technical services and support. Rubix is present in 22 European countries and supplies its customers with the complete range of industrial needs. Punctual delivery is a top priority. A goal that FILCOM GmbH also pursues in the area of aftermarket bilge water deoiling.

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Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH

Area: Separation

Project: Bilge Alarm Monitor Series OMD-24

Website: https://globaltechone.de/

Company headquarter: 20459 Hamburg

Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH operates the 400-megawatt Global Tech I North Sea wind farm, with business4 and power plant operations managed from Hamburg.

Around 80 people work for Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH, with the offshore team consisting of around 30 people. Strong partners are involved in the service and maintenance processes. This includes FILCOM GmbH, which supplies Global Tech I Offshore Wind GmbH with the bilge alarm unit type OMD-24 series for a bilge water deoiler from Filtration Group (formerly MAHLE Industriefiltration).

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Schill+Seilacher GmbH

Range: Compressed air

Project: KAESER screw compressors with Sigma Control 2

Website: https://www.schillseilacher.de/

Unternehmenssitz: 71032 Böblingen

Schill+Seilacher GmbH is a medium-sized company with a long tradition in the chemical industry. Founded in 1877, the company specializes in the production of industrial process additives. The Böblingen plant and development laboratories focus mainly on chemical agents that facilitate both the production and further processing of technical textiles, man-made fibers, cosmetics, cleaners for industry and cosmetics, and leather and paper. With six independent production sites and approximately 900 employees worldwide, Schill+Seilacher is one of the most successful companies in its industry.

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What our customers say about us?

“We deliberately chose KAESER compressors because we are convinced of their quality. In addition, we place great trust in the customer service of FILCOM GmbH, which is always on hand when it matters.”

Nico-Lars Strieth, Betriebsleiter KESSLER Sekt

“Based on a measurement and the machine manufacturer’s specifications for the new 3D printers, FILCOM GmbH was able to offer the right solution. A compressed air compact unit of the type “AIRCENTER” from KAESER, which works reliably and efficiently in continuous operation.”

Patrick Haas, Innovateeth Manufaktur

“The air purifiers work very quietly and fit wonderfully into our studio due to their industrial design. Our guests appreciate the two new training colleagues very much and perceive the FILCOM GmbH devices positively.”

Sascha Hartmann, Headcoach StudioPlus GmbH

“Thanks to the FILCOM logistics concept, it was possible to implement a fast and efficient spare parts supply in the field of filtration technology at our company. A prerequisite for the permanent availability and efficiency of our production plants at RAUCH.”

Philipp Hochstuhl, Instandhaltung RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik

“The decision to go with FILCOM and KAESER’s screw compressors was exactly the right one, as well as the fact that KAESER Compressors, as a local company, supplies machines “Made in Germany”, is very well received by us as a customer.”

Josué Ruiz, Geschäftsführer Hochland Kaffee Hunzelmann GmbH & Co. KG

“We can be sure that the components from FILCOM GmbH work exactly and permanently – if the components are changed in due time, of course. Malfunctions due to any errors have not occurred so far. Our customers expect absolute reliability and quality from us without deviations from the standard range. We can only deliver this if the production facilities are of a similar high quality to our product. That’s why we also rely on German manufacturers and a German quality product for these components.”

Stefan Bergmann, Head of Communication, DIRKS Group GmbH & Co. KG

“We are very satisfied with the high technical standard, the good support and the reliable FILCOM service.”

Sven Müller, Managing Director Probotec GmbH

“We are passionate about providing the best service to our customers as we continue to grow, learn and innovate. With FILCOM GmbH as a trusted supplier and partner, we offer expertise and a reliable supply chain to our customers in a wide range of industries, providing confidence in the longevity of filtration products.”

Eva Merolli, Merolli sas, Ceprano Italien

“The commissioning as well as the subsequent support by FILCOM GmbH was fast, clean and competent.”

Uwe Schwarz –  Sustainability Management Gebr. Schwarz GmbH

“The communication with FILCOM GmbH went smoothly and is still very open today, which always works very well. The good cooperation with the FILCOM GmbH team to this day gives us an all-round good feeling and a lot of confidence in the future.”

Bernd Holik, Schill+Seilacher GmbH

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  • Standardization of compressed air and filtration concepts

  • Regional service, reliability and professionalism
  • Over 20 years of experience in compressed air and filtration technology

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