The entire world of filtration

High-tech filters and filter elements ensure smooth operation of plants. There is hardly an industry that could do without innovative solutions in the fields of fluid filtration, dust removal technology or process engineering. From the automotive industry to chocolate production – we have been offering our customers high-quality industrial filters for all applications for many decades. They are used just as efficiently and economically in mechanical and plant engineering, in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as in environmental, drive and energy technology, and in mobile machine systems.


Our world – is growing, changing and developing like never before – and is facing greater challenges than ever before. How we meet these challenges will shape the future for the current and future generations.

A partnership based on responsibility
FILCOM combines a wide range of products with an extensive sales and service networkto make industrial production of high-quality goods cleaner, healthier and more productive globally.

Partnership at eye level Thanks to the sales partnership between FILCOM GmbH and Hengst Filtration, customers can now access an even more extensive product portfolio in filtration. The cooperation with Hengst Filtration ensures direct access to filter systems for the highest demands and offers an extensive product range.

Customized Solutions

No suitable product available? We develop your solution, if the standard does not meet your requirements. Through an individual analysis of your needs, we offer a tailor-made solution to suit your application based on a long-term partnership with Filtration Group Industrial. Ensure a considerable advantage over the competitors.


Updated informationen about compressed air, filtration and industrial technology make your communication successful. FILCOM offers customer orientation without limits.