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Filter technology has a variety of tasks in chemical plants. Filter systems prevent contamination of products and the release of pollutants into the environment and protect employees from inhaling toxic vapors and dusts. Strict environmental and safety regulations apply in the chemical industry. Reliable and high-performance filtration creates the prerequisite for both standard-compliant and profitable production.


Ultra-fine filtration guarantees maximum hygiene

The chemical industry is large and complex, and although liquid substances are used, dry products and by-products are widespread. We offer ecologically and economically convincing solutions for the chemcial industry that sustainably meet the globally increasing requirements for process quality, purity, safety and environmental protection. Whether in the manufacture of chemical products, paints, coatings and pesticides or in filling and packaging machines, in transport processes, in drying processes in fluid bed or spray dryers – our high quality filter elements approved in accordance with FDA and EU 10/2011, achieve high filtration performance and economical service lives for trouble-free operation through effective cleaning systems in combination with PTFE membrane filter media.

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Dust removal technology – approved for the chemical industry

Many products require a finishing process using a wet or dry painting method. This includes the spraying of solvent or water-based paints and varnishes, which produces large volumes of overspray. If not extracted, fine paint particles contaminate both the workpiece and the surrounding area, ultimately entering the work environment. The combination of solvent vapros and fine particles is highly flammable/explosive and can be hazardous to human health. Handling the base product requires a high degree of cleanliness to guarantee the highest quality product. Therefore, care must be taken to achieve a suitable balance of dust control without removing too much valueable product.

Our solutions range from compact, robust and easily integrated small dust collectors, such as silo top filters and product separators, to large centralized suction systems and filters for hazardous areas that comply with the ATEX directives.

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For maximum efficiency under difficult conditions

FG metal edge filters clean raw materials such as isocyanate or polyol before they are fed into reaction casting machines for foaming systems and thus protect nozzles, mixing heads and coating machines from contamination. The efficient automatic filter systems are robustly built and clean themselves. In this way, the production process does not have to be stopped to change filters and employees do not come into contact with harmful substances.

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The treatment of process water – for efficient recirculation

In the chemical industry, a lot of water is needed and contaminated by a wide variety of pollutants within the most diverse production processes. The main products include plastics, crop protection products, organic and inorganic base materials and chemicals. The manufacturing and cleaning processes for chemical products also involvethe use of resources such as water and air.

This generates wastewater of varying compositions, which may contain residues from cleaning processes, pharmaceutical products, aqueous chemicals and paints. The requirements for the disposal of such wastewater are extremely high. The various backflushing filters from Filtration Group Industrial ensure both stable and thus cost-efficient production processes and a positive environmental balance, enabling economcial use of this ecologically and economically valuable resources.

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Perfectly fitting solution for PVC pastes

With ist diverse properties, PVC is one of the most important plastics used in the automotive industry. As a material for underbody protection, for example PVC plastisole prevent a car from rusting downwards. In order for PVC to optimally protect the vehicle and at the same time to meet the high visual requirements of the paint shop, the filtration of the PVC media must be fine-tuned.

For the filtration and homogenization of highly viscous PVC pastes, the Filtration Group Industrial team initially supplied several test filters to define the correct filter rating. The decisive factor was that all harmful particles and agglomerates were filtered out, but the relevant additives and protective components had to remain in the liquid PVC. The AF 71 H metal edge filterwith a filter finesness of 250 µm delivered the best results for this specific application. The customer choose a manual variant in which the metallic filter element can be easily cleaned while the process is running. Compared to the previously used strainers, the FG metal edge filter proved to be a profitable investment. The customer saved the costs for the change of filters and the service provider for the filter cleaning. Even in the long run, the calculation works: thanks to the precisely set separation performance, the risk that deposited foreign substances restrict the process flow or even damage machines is reduced.

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