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FG hydraulic filter elements for use in milling machines

Welded components with mechanical processing have been manufactured at Otmar Noe GmbH since the mid-1960s. New CNC machining centers with ever increasing machining possibilities support the development of new customer groups. Otmar Noe GmbH focuses on the production range and supplies customers at home and abroad with welded assemblies with mechanical production, painted ready for assembly. By expanding the 3-pillar strategy, the company founded the forestry machinery division in 1996.  

The permanent availability and efficiency of milling machines is the key to high productivity and effectiveness – also at Otmar Noe GmbH. FILCOM GmbH delivers certified quality according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 not only today and tomorrow, but also the day after tomorrow.


Filtration systems from Filtration Group Industrial make a decisive contribution to protecting sensitive hydraulics in mechanical and plant engineering by keeping the fluids in the circuit clean. Efficient solutions for every application in the hydraulic circuit prevent liquid or solid contaminants from attacking the components and limiting the efficiency of the pressurized fluids.

The material and design of the filter media ensure a large dirt-holding capacity and a consistently high separation efficiency throughout the entire service life. The cleanliness classes of the liquids can be maintained even under extreme conditions such as strong pressure fluctuations or pulsations.

Solution statement

  • Otmar Noe GmbH uses filter elements type Pi 1030 KS MIC 25/K197 from FILCOM GmbH to keep hydraulic fluids clean on a milling machine.
  • These are high-quality disposable depth filter elements for cooling lubricant applications.
  • The depth filter used consists of several coordinated, binder-free polyester materials.
  • These have a very high dirt-holding capacity and low flow resistance.
  • The filter fineness is 25 µm according to FG Industrial standard – measured according to ISO 16889 (multipass test).

Customer value

  • The filter elements used at Otmar Noe GmbH deliver top results in the desired cleanliness class and convince with a high dirt holding capacity.
  • The patented design with robust parts ensure the longevity of the filter system and stable performance efficiency throughout its lifetime.
  • Thanks to optimal particle separation, the filter elements at Otmar Noe GmbH protect against rapid wear of expensive components on the milling machine and thus prevent high maintenance costs.


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