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FG hydraulic filter elements in the most modern gear train in Europe

The DIRKS Group operates the most modern wheel plant in Europe in Emden. Up to 6,000 wheels for Volkswagen are assembled, tested and then delivered just in sequence to the neighboring automotive plant here every day. Whether it’s cleaning cooling lubricants in machine tools or filtration solutions in hydraulic systems: innovative and field-proven filter solutions ensure smooth production processes and keep production lines running reliably. In Europe’s most modern wheel plant in Emden, filter elements from Filtration Group Industrial provide the optimum basis for efficient, safe and economical production of high-quality goods.


Hydraulic systems move great things; their enormous strength is based on the maximum energy transfer of the pressurized fluids. However, this can only be exploited to the full if the hydraulic fluids are pure. At Räderwerk in Emden, two production lines are operated with many hydraulic systems, each of which moves the tires and rims into position.

In order to ensure the faultless operation of the hydraulics, our customer ERS Emder Radsysteme also relies on quality manufacturers – i.e. filter elements from Filtration Group Industrial. Thanks to innovative technology, the Pi 73010 DN PST VST 10 filter elements used are ideally equipped to meet the requirement of keeping hydraulic oil clean.

Solution statement

  • With the large number of hydraulic systems within an Industrie 4.0 production, safe components are needed that do not change their specification – in other words, are reliable all around, and for years to come.
  • ERS Emder Radsysteme GmbH & Co. KG has found such a product at FILCOM. Hydraulic filters are only a small detail of a tire system. But they have the potential to cause enormous – but also financial – damage within minutes if they fail or do not work correctly.
  • The customer can be sure that the components of FILCOM GmbH work exactly and permanently – if the components are changed in time, of course. Malfunctions due to possible errors have not occurred so far.
  • The customers of ERS Emder Radsysteme GmbH & Co. KG expect absolute reliability and quality without deviations from the standard range. This can only be guaranteed if the production facilities are of similar high quality as the product. That is why the customer also relies on German manufacturers and a German quality product for these components.

Customer value

  • The permanent availability and efficiency of the production facilities in Emden is the key to high productivity and effectiveness.
  • The FILCOM logistics concept ensures the efficient and continuous supply of spare parts for ERS with filter elements.
  • Production downtime due to technical damage would put the entire plant of a German quality OEM behind schedule. This is why it is so important for ERS to obtain components in every detail that are extremely reliable and require as little maintenance as possible.
  • FILCOM service creates trust with the customer and conveys reliability and professionalism.


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