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Maximum safety in food production

More safety through efficient product recovery

The food industry places the highest demands on process quality, purity, plant safety and environmental protection. The air filtration solutions of Filtration Group Industrial are used, for example, in the production of sugar and sweeteners, cocoa, chocolate and chemical products. They filter the finest particles and impurities from the air, minimze dust pollution and effectively contribute to the highest hygiene, quality and product recovery.


Efficient product recovery of valueable powders

During the production of sugar and sweeteners, cacao, chocolate, thickening agents, dairy products and aromas, FG air filtration elements enable product recovery of even the finest particles along with the separation of impurities in the air. They minimize dust loads and ensure that the prerequisites for hygienic, high-quality and clean economic processes are in place. These highly efficient filtration systems, cleaning units, filter controllers and dedusting devices with FDA and EU 10/2011 food product approval are optimally tuned for the specific dust loads found in these processes. They ensure a high level of separation efficiency, economic product recovery and the satisfaction of all safety and environmental requirements. Our products are extremely long-lasting, require minimal maintenance and prove themselves to be both economically and ecologically attractive.

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Dust removal technology – effective removal of substances directly at the point of origin

Coarse and fine dusts are often generated in the food industry. The requirements for hygiene and quality are very high, especially in this industry. The transport of raw and basic materials, their transfer and subsequent processing by manual or mechanical working processes (grinding, kneadling, mixing, shaping) and the packaging of the end product generate dusts that spread in the environment during the individual process steps (e.g. filling, transferring and mixing) and tend to settle in the room. Our solution range from compact, robust and easy-to-integrate small dust extractors, such as small top filters and product separators, to large-scale centralized suction systems and filters with an ATEX-certification.

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Production and processing of liquids, pastes and similar substances

Automatic Filters ensure that food is free of foreign particles. They also keep storage tanks and machine components clean. When filtering honey, chocolate or miscella, FG filter systems achieve excellent separation rates even at low temperatures. Even high heat does not limit the performance of the FG Automatic filters: high temperature versions of the filters separate breadcrumbs particles from the frying oil on large frying systems, for example. This way it can be used multiple times.

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Water treatment – for responsible use of a precious resource

In the food industry, too, the economic success of a company depends on resources. We offer suitable filter solutions for the purification of water that is fed into the production process as process and cooling water or extinguishing water and wastewater that is to be drained into the sewage system or into ground water. FG products ensure compliance with the strict target values set by the European Water Directive for the quality of treated process water. The various back-flushing filters ensure stable and thus cost-efficient production processes as well as a positive environmental balance allowing a responsible use of this ecologically and economically valuable resource.

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Filtration of ice cream and chocolate

In the production and filling process of walnut ice cream a constant homogeneous quantity of walnut pieces is required. In the starting process, a certain amount of waste is produced until the concentration has achieved the desired level. The offcuts cannot be used any further. In order to be able to reuse the ice cream mass and the walnut pieces both products must be separated from each other so that they can be used again.

The used automatic metal edge filter type AF 4243 with a stainless stell edge tube and radial scraper cleaning makes it possible to separate the solid walnut components from the liquid ice cream. The filter housing is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a heating jacket. Mounting the filter on a mobile frame allows flexible, mobile use. Since the customer produces in batches, the filter can also be used for example for chocolate, which is added to the ice cream cones to avoid softening during consumption.

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