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FG dust filter cartridges in chewing gum production


…in the truest sense of the word: on average, every German chews 100 strips a year. But chewing gum is not a new invention: people were already chewing birch resin in the Neolithic Age. The ancient Greeks bit on the resin of the mastic tree, the Chinese on ginger roots. The Mayans used chicle, the milky sap of the mush apple tree. Nowadays, chewing gums are no longer made of natural ingredients. The chewing mass is largely made from plastics that are based on petroleum. This does not sound very appetising, but so far no study has proven any health risks from chewing gum.

Delica AG is the only chewing gum manufacturer in Switzerland. Modern and flexible machinery enables it to produce and package a sugar-free chewing gum range. Delica has been producing popular chewing gum classics such as Spearmint, Strawberry and Peppermint since 1974. The food and pharmaceutical industries place the highest demands on process quality, purity, plant safety and environmental protection. Filtration solutions from Filtration Group Industrial in the field of air filtration are used, among other things, in the production of chewing gum. The filtration solutions filter the finest particles and impurities from the air, minimise dust pollution and effectively contribute to the highest hygiene, quality and product recovery. Bulk transport in the production of chewing gum requires the mixing of components. Highly efficient dust collection elements from Filtration Group Industrial of type 852 804 Ti 07/1-0,3 V4A FOOD are used for powder handling on a suction scale.  


The powder is drawn into the scale from three silos. Subsequently, the dosing, weighing and transport to a transfer point (mixer) takes place with the help of a pneumatic suction conveying system. A vacuum pump provides the necessary suction line. Dosing units feed the products into a conveying line. These are transported into the scale container by a suction flow. The control electronics ensure that the product quantity of mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, etc. required in the recipe is maintained to an accuracy of a few hundred grams.

For dosing, the powder is then distributed via a screw conveyor and mixed with other components such as gum base, lycasin, glycerine and liquid flavours until the end product – chewing gum – is created.

Solution statement

  • FG dust filter elements in cylindrical design with open folding at the bottom (free of dead space) are optimally matched to the specific dust load in order to separate the powder side from the clean air side.
  • Due to the installation on the raw gas side, the elements ensure high separation efficiencies, economic product recovery and fulfil all safety and environmental requirements.
  • Specially developed filter media and sealing systems with FDA and EU 10/2011 approval
  • Thermal and chemical resistance
  • Excellent hydrolysis resistance

Customer value

  • The supplied Filtration Group dust filter cartridges filter the finest particles and impurities from the air, minimise dust pollution and effectively contribute to the highest hygiene, quality and product recovery.
  • The filter material used is a polyester fleece with PTFE membrane for the filtration of electrostatically chargeable and ignitable fine dusts.
  • With the composite material Ti 07/1, the advantages of surface filtration are also used in the explosion protection area (ATEX).


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