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Solid extraction in the food industry

Clean powder handling in the food industry is the prerequisite for more safety and efficient product recovery. Fully automatic vent filters are manufactured by our customer Zeppelin Reimelt. The filters continuously filter conveying air from pneumatically fed bins and silos in continuous operation. Here, the finest particles and impurities must be separated from the air in order to minimize dust pollution, thus creating the basic prerequisite for hygiene, quality and clean, economical processes.


The dust loaded air enters the filter from the bottom side. The volume flow is guided from the outside to the inside through the filter elements. The dust remains on the outside of the filter element and creates a dust cake. Due to the pneumatic pressure or an additional ventilator, the cleaned air is blown back into the production hall or via pipes to the outside of the building. The separated product is back flushed by pressure air and can fall back into the process or can be reused if desired.

Technical data

  • Volume flow: 100 – 3500 m³/h
  • Filtration rate: 0,5 – 10 µm
  • Operating temperature: 20-30°C
  • Explosive dusts

Solution statement

  • The filter elements are equipped with conductive Filter medias Ti 07 or Ti 08
  • All components are FDA and EU 10/2011 approved
  • The innovative, special developed element connection is easy to mount and provides significantly reduced efforts during maintenance to the operator
  • For the Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH there is the further advantage, that now they only have one connection for filter elements and filter sleeves
  • The conical shape of the elements allows a compact design of the filter housing, optimizes the filter performance and enables a more efficient cleaning process

Customer value

  • Special, customer protected connection system
  • Easy mounting and thereby reduced installation costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs increased element lifetime
  • FDA and EU 10/2011 approval for all parts
  • Usable for explosive dusts

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