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Efficient filtration and separation solutions for marine applications

In oil tankers, container and passenger/cargo ships worldwide, filtration solutions from Filtration Group Industrial stand for uncompromising clean performance under the toughest condititions. All components and systems are subject to continuous further development, are characterized by maximum efficiency, reliability and low maintenance, and can be flexibly designed to meet your individual requirements.


Safe function: hydraulic filters for steering systems

Solid as well as liquid contaminants in hydraulic systems such as steering hydraulics cause abrasion, wear, corrosion and have negative effect on the physical-chemical properties of the pressure fluid. Hydraulic filters from Filtration Group Industrial reduce particle contamination in hydraulic or lubrication systems to the level of the required cleanliness class according to the international standards ISO 4406/1999 and NAS 1638 in order to ensure the long-term functioning of modern hydraulic systems.

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Maximum efficiency: transmission oil filters

Duplex filters are reliably ready for operation around the clock and ensure highly efficient performance, long service life and low flow resistance even at high viscosity. Thanks to intelligent design, the filters of the Vario series adapt to almost any applicaton and reduce time-consuming oil cleaning – with minimal space requirements and reduced operating costs.

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Smooth operation: filters for deck hydraulics

For the various installation locations and functions of deck hydraulics, we offer suction filters, pressure filters, duplex filters, return-line filters, bypass filters, air breathers, filter units and elements in all pressure ratings, as well as accessories and service equipment.

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Special purity: filter water separator

The coalescer was developed to separate free water from oils and fuels. It works cost-effectively without absorbents: Specially arranged filter materials collect the small water droplets suspended in the liquid and separate them.

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Flexible filtration: oil care for stern tube sealings

Our oil treatment system can be used for all middle distillates and reliably separates water and other typical impurities from the medium to be maintained by means of coalescer filter elements. According to your requirements and space conditions, we offer systems in vertical or horizontal design. In this way, you benefit from space-saving, efficient and low-maintenance filtration and water separation.

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Perfect protection: Strainers

One of the main causes of malfunctions and operational failures in marine equipment is dirt, which leads to premature wear of components. Cost-efficient strainers froms Filtration Group Industrial are ideally suited for preventive protection of pipelines or of the treatment and maintenance of fluids. As simplex or duplex filters, you can use the strainers for all types of fluids. Metal filter elements easy-to-clean simplify handling and offer high reliablity as well as long service life.


High-grade cleanliness: Simplex filters

Simplex filters with different housing sizes for flexible use ensure highest performance at low cost and easy handling. The flow passes trough the sieve basket filter element from the inside to the outside. When the permissible degree of contamination is achieved, filtration is interrupted, the filter is opened, the sieve baskt is removed and cleaned with steam or water jet. The high differential pressure resistance of up to 5 bar allows the filters to be used under the toughest conditions. For use in fuel circuits, the simplex and duplex filters are optionally available in a heated version.

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Maximum efficiency: Duplex filters

For highly efficient and economical operation of your marine equipment, it should operate reliably on a continuous basis. Duplex filters from Filtration Group Industrial are equipped with two filter housings and ensure non-stop operation of the filter and complete cleanliness of the media to be cleaned. If the maximum degree of contamination is achieved, the filter switches ot the ofther filter housing without interruption. The filter switched-off can now be cleaned. In addition to the maximum efficiency, the constant cleaning of the media promoates the rpotection of the pipeline as well as the transfer and circulation systems. Furthermore, maintenance costs on the power system caused by corrosion or deposits are reduced.

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High performance deoiler for protecting the oceans

Depending on the size of the ship, up to 10 000 liters of water is collected in the bilge of a ship‘s hull every day. This bilge water is contaminated with oil and other fluids and is treated in a special separation system before being discharged back into the sea.

Filtration Group installed new separation systems on eleven cruisevessels of major European shipping company. The modular design was an advantage in this respect: the two stage are delivered in seaprate vessels, which require less space in the cramped space in a ship‘s hull. The new system correspond to the international standard according to IMO MEPC.107(49). Ships of a well-known German cruise line clearly come below the statutory guidelines of 15 ppm with a residual oil content of 5 ppm. Consequently Filtration Group‘s deoilers, with which they achieve the results, are what create the preconditions for the shipping company‘s avowal to protect the world‘s seas.

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