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High tractive, hydraulic and lifting power over a long period time, the constant change between forward and reverse operation, precise maneuvering in confined spaces, high torquest at low speeds: Enginges and transmissions of agricultural and construction machinery must always reliably withstand extreme demands under the toughest climatic and environmental conditions.

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In fields and construction site around the world, Filtration Group Industrial filtration systems in agricultural and construction equipment from leading manufacturers perform under the toughest conditions. They are lightweight, take up little space, are highly energy efficient and offer maximum reliability.


Hydrostatic drive

Hydrostatic drives require high power density, maximum precision of travel movements and compact components for confined installation spaces. Filtration Group Industrial offers you a complete product range of suction return-line filters or plastic-designed suction filters, compact feed circuit filters and high-pressure filters for all requirments – as a special solution also with reversible oil flow.

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Internal combustion engine

Effective and efficient fuel and intake filters are necessary for modern combustion engines. Water, dirt particles and other impurities in fuels, as well as contaminated intake air, increase wear, impair combustion efficiency and endanger the operational safety.

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Working hydraulics

Filter system from Filtration Group Industrial are reliable products for work hydraulics to combine high pressures and compact dimensions in mobile work machines. Medium and high-pressure filters provide you with reliably and permanently filtered pressure media, even under extreme conditions. Innovative complementary solutions such as the cold start valve integrated in the filter head complete the product range. All hydraulic filters are perfectly matched to mobile machinery and ensure reliable protection of the hydraulic system: from suction filters to return-line filters to tank-top filters.

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Even Hercules would enjoy this crisp, clean energy drink

Forklifts must move heavy loads but must also be small and maneuverable. In order to meet both requirements, forklifts are equipped with a high-performance system that supplies the vehicle drive and working hydraulics with filtered oil.

A leading manufacturer of forklifts counts Filtration Group Industrial. The customer relies on suction filter modules equipped with PulseShieldTM elements that absorb 30 percent more dirt than conventional filter elements. The filter elements are so stable and not even engine vibration can displace the dirt particles once they are embedded in the filter media. In addition, they are compact and fit into small spaces.

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