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Schwäbisch Hall Airfield (also: Adolf Würth Airport) is a German commercial airfield named after the entrepreneur Adolf Würth and operated by the Würth Group. 700 meters to the north is the Schwäbisch Hall-Weckrieden airfield with a grass runway. The two airfields are the only airfields in Germany that are connected by a taxiway. This taxiway allows aircraft on the ground to taxi from one airfield to another.  

Joint project that scores

Thanks to the active support of our cooperation partner Filtration Group Industrial, Adolf Würth Airport was equipped with a SilentCare mobile room air filter.

According to Oliver Paul, Head of ATS Safety , space conditions in the tower of Adolf Würth Airport were cramped, barely allowing the minimum clearances to be maintained during the Corona pandemic. Since air traffic control operations are classified as system-relevant, operations had to continue even during the lockdown. The room air filter SilentCare “Made in Germany” was able to score here in full and also support accordingly. It was very important to the Würth Group to use a device from a regional supplier.

Virus free air

  • Normally, space in the tower is very limited and a required minimum distance would have to be maintained due to the pandemic. Since air traffic control is classified as system-relevant, operations had to be maintained even under pandemic conditions.
  • When the tower is filled with some employees and the aerosol concentration in the air increases, the SilentCare does its job efficiently and reliably. For clean and virus-free air. 99.995 % of all airborne pollutants are reliably filtered out for this purpose.
  • Oliver Paul confirms that the SilentCare room air filter will continue to be a faithful and reliable companion at airy heights in the future.

SilentCare – a breath of fresh air in the tower

“Clean-safe-good and not just heart-fresh! The SilentCare is our new colleague in the tower and provides a breath of fresh air at airy heights.”

Oliver Paul, ATS Safety Manager, Würth Airport

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