SilentCare in the world of Waldorf education

The room air filter supports young adults in everyday seminar life

The Waldorf Education Seminar Stuttgart

Helping children to develop into free and self-determined human beings in a way that is appropriate to their time and age, as well as holistically, is at the heart of Waldorf education. The basics of the pedagogy are developed in the Waldorf Education Seminar in Stuttgart and put into practice in many Waldorf kindergartens around the world.

During their training for social pedagogy, young people deal with the topic of accompanying children into life and, in doing so, providing inspiration for tomorrow’s values so that they can actively shape the future in this way. From now on, clean and healthy air will be breathed in the Waldorf teachers’ seminar in Stuttgart – THANKS to SilentCare from Filtration Group Industrial.

For safety during learning

The inquisitive filtration hero SilentCare ensures healthy indoor air even when studying. Thanks to effective and efficient room air filtration, 99.995% of all airborne pollutants such as viruses, pollen and aerosols are effectively eliminated in the Waldorf educational seminar in Stuttgart.

The educational institution has six devices in use and supports those present with healthy and clean air during training. Because only fresh air free of viruses and bacteria can contribute to successful learning.

The quiet hero of education

Nikolaus Ebner from the Waldorf Education Seminar in Stuttgart is pleased that learning at his campus is now possible again without any worries. The fear of another Corona wave and online learning from home is growing and therefore the use of mobile filters is inevitable to be able to return to normal life and learning in the future.

  • The more learners there are in the lecture hall, the greater the likelihood of airborne germs, including coronavirus, spreading. SilentCare is the perfect solution to effectively and safely filter the pollutants from the air.
  • With an output of 600 m³/h at < 43 db(A), the SilentCare is very quiet in the studio and is almost not noticed by the exercisers.
  • The three-layer filter medium certified according to the European standard EN1822 ensures efficient filtration of almost all aerosols present in the ambient air. This reduces the concentration of pollutants to a minimum.

SilentCare – Infection protection even during the seminar

“The room air filters are very quiet and easy to use. They fit uncomplicated into the environment of our campus and do not stand out. Our students really appreciate the new learning colleagues and now feel safe again thanks to the good effect.”

Nikolaus Ebner, Waldorf Education Seminar Stuttgart – Academy for Waldorf Education e.V.

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