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Wind turbines, service and transformer platzforms, gas and oil production platforms are sensitive technical installations that mus operate reliably at all times, even under tough environmental conditions. They make an indispensable contribution to environmentally friendly energy supply and climate protection worldwide. Filtration Group Industrial, together with FILCOM, offers a comprehensive, optimally matched product portfolio of filtration solutions for efficient plant operation.


Filtration Group Industrial filtration solutions perform under the toughest conditions in onshore and offshore wind turbines and service platforms around the world. All components and systems are subject to continuous further development, are characterized by maxiumum efficiency and reliability, can be flexibly designed to meet your requirements.


A reliably functioning pitch system ensures a long service life and maximum efficiency of the wind turbine. For optimal alignment of the rotor blades, the proper functioning of the hydraulics is indispensable. Filtration Group Industrial filter solutions keep the hydraulic fluid permanently clean so that no contamination can affect performance.

Braking system

To achieve optimum performance at all times, it is necessary to control the running speed of the turbine when the wind is too strong. A precisely adjusted braking system is essential for rapid shutdown. Filtration Solutions from Filtration Group Industrial keep brake and hydraulic fluids readdy for use at all times and prevent malfunctions.

Service and transformer platforms

Transformer stations generate surface water (rain, spray etc.) that is collected in leakage pans under the transformers. To clean this water contaminated by process oils before discharge into the sea, Filtration Group Industrial offers a wide range of products that meet all environmental regulations.

Tower conditioning

The tower of the wind turbines houses all control units and electronic systems. High temperatures are generated during operating. For this reason, the towers must be cooled. If cooling is done with ambient air, this air must first be dehumified and (for offshore turbines) desalinated to prevent corrosion. Filtration Group Industrial offers a specially developed system for efficient air conditioning of wind turbines (onshore and offshore).


For gearbox oil maintenance (main and bypass flow), Filtration Group Industrial offers a compact oil filter module which can be combined with the various oil coolers from Filtration Group Industrial and thus sustainably increases the efficiency and service life of the gearbox units. As a complete system, this filter-cooler pump unit enables optimum filtration of wind turbine gearboxes at a constant oil temperature, thus ensuring low-wear and maintenance-friendly operation of the wind turbine gearbox.

Azimuth drive

The precise alignment of the wind nacelle by the azimuth drive contributes significantly to the performance of the wind turbine. Filtration Group Industrial filter solutions are perfectly matched to the requirements of azimuth drives and reliably prevent contamination in the hydraulic oil.


Oil filter module Pi 83116 as well as low pressure filter Pi 260

The compact oil filter module was developed in cooperation with the manufacturers specifically for use in wind turbines to keeop lubricating oils clean and the hydraulic elements running. Integrated drain options on the dirt and clean side, venting in the filter cover, the easily accessible maintenance indicator and the powerful 2-stage filter elements ensure maximum cleaning performance and permanently reliable operation.

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Bypass oil filter module

The newly developed filter module Pi 8400 sets new standards in off-line filtration and is compatible with the previously used compact systems.

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Flange filter Pi 340

The medium pressure filter as well as the valves and maintenance indicators used in the filter are designed for industrial use and withstand extreme requirements. The equipment with premium filter elements with PulseShieldTM Technology makes the Pi 340 a safe bench when it comes to reliable and long-lasting operation of the hydraulic system.

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Spin-on cartridge PX 37

The streamlined design of the PX 37 components ensures minimal pressure loss. With a permissible nominal pressure of 16 bar and optimum separation performance, Mic, Sm-X and Sm-N filter elements help to clean the oil to ensure permanent operational reliability of the gearbox in a wind turbine.

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Air breather Pi 0216

The air breather Pi 0126 made of impact-resistant plastic has been the reference for practical, robust, effective and safe air breather filter for hydraulic and lubricating oil reservoir for many years.

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Filter elements for hydraulics

The special design of the PulseShieldTM filter elements allows them to absorb 30 percent more dirt than conventional filter elements. Even under extreme conditions, the surface structure retains its high separation efficiency and thus guarantees trouble-free operation of the hydraulic system.

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Maintenance indicators

The optimum performance of the filter elements depends essentially on the dirt-holding capacity being fully utilized without risk. Mechanical or electronic sensors, integrated into the filters or retrofitted, react to continuous changes in the pressure conditions, which depends on the degree of contamination.

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Tower conditioning

The tower of the wind turbines houses all control units and electronic systems. High temperatures are generated during opertion. For this reason, the towers must be cooled. When the ambient air is cooled, this air must first be dehumidified (for offshore turbines) and desalinated to prevent corrosion. Filtration Group offers a specially developed system for efficient air conditioning of wind turbines (onshore and offshore).


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Clever idea supports continuous ooperation of the wind turbine

The gearbox of a wind turbine is exposed to strong vibrations and temperature fluctuations depending on the weather conditions and the time of year. To ensure that the system run smoothly, the transmission oil must be filtered with at least 10 µm and this with a viscosity range of 320 cSt at 40 degree Celsius to 10,000 cSt at -7 degrees Celsius.

In cooperation with a renowned wind turbine manufacturer, Filtration Group Industrial developed a system consisting of filter, pump and cooling unit that took up little space in the nacelle of the wind turbine, was lightweight and combined high performance with long service life. The components of the Pi 8300 standard fitler system were mounted individually on a specified flange plate, on which a metal particle sensor can even be retrofitted if required. A further advantage of the ingenious concept is that no hoses had to be routed to the outside, which significantly reduced the risk of leaks.

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