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FG Filtration Systems give you a head start. High-quality industrial filters for all applications

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FG Filtration Systems give you a head start. Whether to clean cooling lubricants in machine tools, air purification in production facilities, or as filtration solutions in hydraulic systems: our innovative and proven filter solutions in devices, machines, and systems ensure smooth production processes, keep production lines moving reliably, and are the perfect foundation for the efficient and safe production of high quality products.

Hydraulic Filtration

Highly sensitive systems in mechanical and plant engineering require effective filtration of the fluid media from solid or liquid contamination that cause abrasion, wear and corrosion. The prescribed cleanliness classes of fluid media must be maintained under all conceivable circumstances. For this purpose, a unique filter program – in standard version as well as according to DIN 24550 – is available.

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Industrial Air

In the particularly demanding field of dedusting technology, industrial filters from Filtration Group exceed all requirements in terms of air quality in the working area and permissible exhaust air pollution. Therefore they are the first choice for machine and system manufacturers and users alike. Filtration Group filter elements are optimized on the basis of application engineering experience so that, together with specially developed cleaning systems, we can offer you compact, reliable filter systems with extremely economical service lives.

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Automatic and Process Filtration

Industrial production processes must work without interruption. Even during maintenance and disposal measurements automatic filters enable rational, highly efficient non-stop operation – with automatic cleaning and disposal processes. For example, when filtering liquids in metalworking and in industrial parts cleaning during washing, degreasing, paint stripping and preservation, they meet the strictest environmental regulations.

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