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FG Coalescer elements in use on ferries

Comfort and speed combined with quality service. This is the goal that the company Fred. Olsen has always kept this goal in mind and today can offer sea connections to most of the Canary Islands. Fred. Olsen Express is a clear market leader, covering 8 sea routes for passengers and cargo, transporting more than 3,000,000 passengers, 800,000 cars and more than 125,000 trucks every year.

On merchant, passenger and ferry vessels worldwide, filtration solutions from Filtration Group Industrial stand for uncompromising clean performance under the toughest conditions. All components and systems are subject to continuous further development, are characterized by maximum efficiency, reliability and low maintenance, and can be flexibly designed for a wide range of applications. Also at our customer Fred. Olsen S.A., reliability, economic efficiency and environmental protection are important issues in order to be able to reliably operate the ferry route between Tenerife and La Gomera.


The fuel of the large engines is filtered and separated in the maintenance stage of the KFWA. Separated water is detected via a probe and automatically discharged.

The FC-001-040-PS-10 maintenance element used prevents the concentration of free water from rising above 70 ppm. This forms an effective protection against diesel pest. The single-stage system thus prevents engine damage and system failures. Thanks to its compact design, it requires little space in the ship’s engine room. The KFWA MAIN fuel maintenance system is designed for use between the bunker tank and the main engine.

Solution statement

  • High-performance fuel maintenance systems from Filtration Group Industrial can make the best use of poor-quality fuels.
  • Complete fuel filter systems are specially designed to meet the requirements of large engines.
  • The systems work reliably and safely at all times in fully automatic operation. With the aid of filter and coalescer technology, fuel treatment systems can reduce the dirt and water content in the fuel to a minimum and thus prevent premature wear of engine components.

Customer value

  • More power, fewer emissions – thanks to fuel care around the engine. The longer, more reliable and low-maintenance large engines run in marine operations, the higher the efficiency and economy.
  • Clean fuels and lubricating oils make a decisive contribution to maintaining and extending the service life of an engine, as well as to low-emission operation. Filtration Group Industrial offers a wide range of fuel care systems for marine engines.
  • At FILCOM GmbH, customers get everything from a single source. More safety, more efficiency and more performance for our customers on the high seas. Because only reliable service creates trust and conveys reliability and professionalism.


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