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Use of compressed air in sheet metal working

With its products, PfisterMetall is represented in many important industries. The many years of experience as a sheet metal worker, the sound technical know-how in metal processing, as well as the comprehensive production competence in sheet metal processing have made PfisterMetall a competent partner in mechanical engineering, plant engineering, toolmaking, in the automotive and electrical industries, apparatus engineering, medical technology as well as in the field of textile machines and machine tools. PfisterMetall offers extensive production expertise in sheet metal processing, which is convincing due to the highest quality and processing accuracy and is tailord to customer-specific requirements.


Compressed air is not only needed for laser cutting, it is also used in many other processes. For example, material handling is no longer conceivable without compressed air. In the past, employees had to handle the sometimes heavy sheets with great force and additional aids. Thanks to modern technology, this is now a thing of the past. Whereas in the past innumerable tonnes of material had to be stored manually with a forklift and crane, today a large-scale storage system serves as a material store. This fully automatic storage sytsem not only offers space for several hundred tonnes of sheet material, finished parts, residual grids and pipe profiles, it also supplies the machines with the required material. Today, the punching and laser combination machines have a large number of vacuum suction cups which pick up sheets by means of compressed air and place them on the machine for processing. Finished parts are sorted and placed at a predetermined unloading point. Optimum loading and unloading of the machines is therefore also only possible here with a suitable compressed air station.

Solution statement

  • Compressed air must always be available in sufficient quantity to reliably meet demand for a smooth production process.
  • Equally important is the application-specific, condensate-free quality of the compressed air: this increases the operational reliability of the state-of-the-art machinery at PfisterMetall and significantly reduces maintenance costs in the company.
  • The new compressed air station opens up a huge savings potential; thus, a previously older piston compressor was replaced due to its high mileage in order to prevent age-related failure.
  • The piston compressor was replaced by a KAESER AIRTOWER 26 rotary screw compressor.


The premium model AIRCENTER has meanwhile replaced the AIRTOWER.

Customer value

  • Sustainable, resource-saving operational management at PfisterMetall through the use of AIRTOWER 26 screw compressor
  • Significant energy savings were achieved by modernising the compressed air system
  • For many years, the AIRTOWER has fulfilled all the requirements necessary for a state-of-the-art machine park.
  • High reliability, condensate-free compressed air quality, low energy consumption as well as a low noise level


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