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Clean compressed air for sparkling wine enjoyment

The German sparkling wine market is highly competitive. To remain competitive, a cost-efficient production and filling process is enormously important. One key technology is compressed air, which is required in all process steps – whether unpacking the sparkling wine bottles, filling and capping or labelling.

For this reason, the KESSLER sparkling wine cellar has been using a KAESER screw compressor model SK 25 (9 kW) from FILCOM GmbH for over 8 years. KESSLER Sekt is one of the leading producers in the premium sparkling wine market, where it has a share of approx. 15 %. At the location in Esslingen, the brands Hochgewächs Brut, Jägergrün and Réserve, among others, are produced. Two lines are in operation here, filling the sparkling wine in 0.75-litre, 0.375-litre, 0.2-litre Piccolo and 1.5-litre Magnum bottles.


The compressed air supports the machines during unpacking, cleaning, filling, capping, labelling and repacking. In this way, approx. 5,700 bottles can be handled per hour. Without compressed air, this would be unthinkable. A reliable supply of compressed air is crucial to ensure smooth operations and to remain constantly able to deliver.

Constant pressure is already important during the unpacking of the champagne bottles in order to suck in the sterile bottles by means of a Venturi effect and transport them from the pallet onto the filling conveyor. Compressed air is also used in the subsequent filling process of the champagne bottles:

Controlling the pneumatic valves during the various filling phases requires a pressure of 6 to bar. Before the employees label and pack the high-quality goods, the finishing touches are made: the final cleaning, in which the compressed air removes the smallest particles from the bottles, is also part of the duty here. Then the product is ready for labelling. Targeted air pulses ensure that the paper labels fit perfectly.

Solution statement

  • At the KESSLER sparkling wine cellar in Esslingen, the SK 25 screw compressor meets high demands for availability and efficiency. The screw compressor with the energy-saving “Sigma profile” is also characterised by significantly increased delivery volume and lower power consumption.
  • An optimised compressor block minimises internal pressure losses and reduces specific power requirements by up to 5 percent.
  • The use of highly efficient premium efficiency motors (IE3) results in additional energy savings.
  • The internal control system “Sigma Control” not only enables efficient control precisely oriented to the respective compressed air consumption and reliable operation monitoring.

Customer value

  • The SK 25 screw compressor fully meets the customer’s expectation of high availability and efficiency. Not only do they produce more compressed air with less energy, they also leave nothing to be desired in terms of versatility, ease of operation and maintenance and environmental friendliness.
  • Thanks to the modular system concept, KESSLER Sekt uses the screw compressor with an attached energy-saving refrigeration dryer. The attached refrigeration dryer saves space. Thanks to a separate housing, the dryer is protected from the radiated heat of the compressor.


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